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Ask Tara!
Got a question that only the amazing Ms. Tara Babcock can answer? Check out Tara's new section "Ask Tara!" where once a month she will answer one of our reader questions for Impulse Gamer. Don't be scared or shy, Tara doesn't bite! [Click here to read more]

Oblanc NC2-4 5.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset
Recently I had the joy of unboxing and reviewing another awesome gaming product, this time by Oblanc. The NC2-4 5.1 Surround Gaming Headset came in a sleek packaging, just beckoning me to come and unwrap its excellence.

GamesterGear Cruiser P3210 Headset
Recently, because of the awesome editors at Impulse Gamer and the epic staff at GamesterGear, I was able to unbox and review some gamer gear for the site and for my YouTube channel.

Why you should be playing Starcraft II Heart of the Swarm
Sarah Kerrigan, recently saved by her long-lost and beloved Jim Raynor, groggily wakes up in an isolation cell. Head pounding and confused, she smells the familiar aroma of Terran mechanics and cleaning products. As the clarity sets in, so does the fear, confusion and paranoia.

Atari-Induced Euphoria Photoshoot
Now, I know I have been completely MIA for an extended period of time, leaving the viewers and readers here at Impulse Gamer wondering, "where did Tara go!?" I assure you that it was nothing more than my overly-packed schedule that kept me from entertaining and enticing you all with my fun gaming articles and photoshoots!

The Wonders of PAX Prime... Cosplay Style! (Gallery)
Sexy, beautiful, intricate, crazy, scary, and even grotesque; these are a few of the bountiful ways one can describe the cosplay I saw at this year's PAX Prime in Seattle, Washington. If you think Comicon is your one-stop geeky paradise full of awesome cosplayers... well, you're right; but if you like yours a bit more on the gamer side, PAX is for you!

The MLG 2012 Spring Championships Experience Through Visuals and Commentary
After attending and experiencing the MLG Anaheim Spring Championships this year, I have completely re-thought my ideas for how I would cover this event. I have been writing gaming articles here at Impulse Gamer for over a year now, but no event or topic has inspired me as my first true taste of an eSports-fueled event like MLG has.

Event Special E3 2012 Epic Recap
Most people think that paradise is but a figment of their overactive imaginations, something that is absolutely unattainable in their lifetimes. Well, my friends, as a fellow nerd, gamer, and geek culture enthusiast, I can attest to having been there and back... and boy, do I have a story to tell!

8 Reasons why you will be Watching the MLG Spring Championships
Gaming industry fans heavily rely on the eSports pro circuit for their dose of live, hot gaming action. It is obvious by just looking at the MLG logo and hearing their moniker that they are to gamers, what Major League Baseball is to sports fanatics! [Click here to read more]

Event Special Gameclucks StarCraft II Tournaments
Few tournaments in the circuit would allow a player as god-awful as myself to join in the fun, even when I present to them an entrance fee comprised entirely of United States Dollars. Gameclucks, however, opened their hearts to my plight and let me enter the Bronze and Silver league bracket! [Click here to read more]

Insert Coin Clothing Ends the Journey for Geek Chic
Once, long ago, in a barren world of attire mediocrity, lived a young gamer girl named Tara. This bright, hopeful lass spent night and day playing the exciting rollercoasters referred to today as video games. These games were colorful, enticing, vibrant, vast, and above all, exciting.
[Click here to read more]

Online Gaming Friends, IRL
We walked through the bustling mall on an average, wet Seattle weekend. Peering over the nondescript heads revealed a vaguely recognizable face; after all, we'd only really seen an image or two of him. "Hey!" interrupted the familiar voice whose location-deciphering text message I had just opened, "Nice to finally meet you!" [Click here to read more]

Tara Babcock Pink Nerd Photoshoot
Tara's latest photo shoot proves that she is no NOOB but rather an amazing goddess of beauty, smarts and also... nerds. This gallery will never make you look at console controllers the same way ever again. Who would have thought the DualShock controller could look sexy! [Click here to read more]

10 Reasons to Date a StarCraft Player
Real-time strategy games have been the bane(ling) of my existence since I attempted, unsuccessfully, to excel in Warcraft II on the PlayStation console in my pre-teens. The concept of controlling an army, both aggressively and defensively, while making sure you are furthering your multiple bases to support said endeavors, sounded far too difficult to me. [Click here to read more]

SOCOM 4: Tara the Tactical Noob
Playing SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs wasn't something I thought I would be doing when I heard of its release. I was under the impression that all of the "worth-playing" shooters were solely in first-person view and, unless I have a three-monitor peripheral system and take some motion sickness pills beforehand, that's not usually my cup of tea. [Click here to read more]

Tara Babcock is SUPER MARIO?!?
With her love for gaming, resident writer for Impulse Gamer, model extraordinaire and just all-round AWESOME, recently attended Glamourcon as none other than the world's favourite plumber... Nintendo's Mario! Check out some of the pictures that Tara kindly shared with us. [Click here to read more]

Event Special: BlizzCon 2011 Coverage
Blizzard Entertainment was founded in 1991 under the name Silicon & Synapse. The Last Vikings creators finally became the company we've all heard about, and whose games we love to play today, in 1994, just before shipping out their first in a series of many Warcraft real-time strategy games. [Click here to read more]

Assassin's Creed: Nothing is True, Everything is Awesome
What do you think of when you recall your experience playing through the Assassin's Creed franchise? Do you think of Altair redeeming his title as master assassin of Masyaf through remorseless slaughter of major Templars, while traversing the vast lands of the Kingdom of Jerusalem?  [Click here to read more]

Tara's Gaming FAQ
I am often being asked questions about myself as a gamer now that it has become common knowledge that I am a "nerd-turned-supermodel". I wanted to do something a little special for the readers here at Impulse Gamer because of the guilt that's been eating away at me for postponing my "20 Most Badass Video Game Studs" installation for my G-Spot section. [Click here to read more]

20 Most Badass Video Game Studs
It goes without saying that any beautiful woman can supplement a video game plot with ease, but we mustn't forget the men that strive for dominance and exert every ounce of energy they have to pillage, ravage and declare this 2D world theirs... [Click here to read more]

20 Hottest Video Game Babes
There are two things that make an already great video game even better. The first is hot chicks and the second is barely clothed, voluptuous hot chicks! Sexy video game vixens can enhance any story plot with their head-turning good looks, nice or naughty personalities, badass moves... [Click here to read more]

Mortal Kombat Krushes the Kompetition
As you wake up, get ready, and drive into the city for work every day, do you ever wonder if there are epic crime-fighting saviors out there somewhere, hidden amidst all of our mundane daily activities and false sense of safety... [Click here to read more]

Event Special: Anticipating E3 2011
The Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, is the biggest, most prestigious gaming convention in the United States and perhaps one of the most influential conferences of the industry in the world... [Click here to read more]

Kratos, the God of Kick Ass Protagonists
Kratos, strong and quick, throws his chained arm blades in a fiery-hot fury at his opponent, a green-eyed Gorgon... [Click here to read more]

About Tara Babcock
Tara Babcock... international sex symbol, professional business woman and real-life gamer joins the staff of Impulse Gamer as resident writer to give her personal touch on the world of entertainment and beyond... [Click here to read more]





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