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There are two things that make an already great video game even better. The first is hot chicks and the second is barely clothed, voluptuous hot chicks! Sexy video game vixens can enhance any story plot with their head-turning good looks, nice or naughty personalities, badass moves... and by jumping around a lot while wearing a low-cut v-neck or a tiny bikini. Here is the comprehensive top 20 list of my personal favorite game-derived super hotties and why they rock my digital world!

#20: Lady from Devil May Cry

Lady, the cute-yet-deadly b-cupped sensation made her first appearance in Devil My Cry 3: Dante's Awakening. I'm not sure if Dante could see past her three foot long steel bazooka, or Kalina Ann as it's named, at first to recognize her video game hottie worthiness, but I know I did! Outfitted in the typical unbuttoned white and semi-sheer school girl blouse, and an extremely short armored skirt and gun holsters to complete the look, who wouldn't notice her physical blessings? Another thing that adds to her standing in my list is her apparent case of heterochromia. I mean, some guys prefer brown eyes, some prefer blue... or you can have one of each and be completely unique while giving those huge puppydog eyes. I bet she'd get whatever she wants! Lady isn't your typical shy and sweet girl; she definitely counts as a dangerous killer. Originally named Mary by her murderous father, Lady's had a tough upbringing and subsequently lacks trust and weapon restraint, but can you blame her? I'm assuming she gets hit on all the time... but not more than once, I bet!

Lady appears again in Devil May Cry 4 all grown up (at least two cup sizes larger, but who's complaining?) and sporting a trendy mafia style business-style suit with a killer pair of shades. She accompanies Dante and Trish (Threesome, anyone?) on a few assignments and has become a staple demonhunter in Dante's shop, and yet another babe to add to his collection. I definitely wouldn't mind seeing more of that cutie, nor would I mind another Devil May Cry title! 

#19: Ling Xiaoyu from Tekken

Ahh, what can I say about Ling Xiaoyu that didn't initially pop into your heads from the above image? She's sweet, and has been legal since Tekken 4! Next to blondes, there's nothing I love more than a cute, spunky Asian girl! This Chinese-born high school student living in Japan is sweet, adorable and can kick your keister.

Growing up, I played Tekken a lot and Xiaoyu was my fighter of choice! Her cute, flexible moves and kind mannerisms (she always bows and salutes you in Japanese post-match) really got my attention. Besides, who doesn't dig a girl flouncing about in pigtails?

Make no mistake, although small and fragile-looking, this girl could pack a punch... or kick! She was my favorite Tekken character throughout the series, not only for her sexiness and cute panda protector, but for her versatility. I could beat anyone with her, even if I button mashed. HIYA! 

#18: Mitsuru Kirijo from Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3

Mitsuru is the overachieving crimson-haired goddess in Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3. Not only does Mitsuru make my list of favorites, so does the game she hails from. She's not only the glue that holds SEES (the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad) together, but she's also the heir to the Kirijo Group and Student Body President at Gekkokan High School. That's one accomplished beauty queen!

For those of you who haven't played it, the Persona 3 plot revolves around a group of "special" high school students who realize they have the gift of seeing the "Dark Hour" and menacing shadows that dwell within it. This "gift" also comes with an awesome shadow-fighting alter ego based on the personality of its host. In order to control this manifested "persona" they have to bring it out using an "evoker". The evoker looks uncannily like a pistol that must be held up to the temple of the user and fired, like a non-deadly suicide! While in the Dark Hour, the SEES group goes to a mysterious (and seemingly limitless) tower, called Tartarus. When inside, they fight off the shadows that are trying to escape into the waking world. SEES works undercover as a normal, school-funded extracurricular group, and Mitsuru works behind the scenes, as well as on the battlefront.

Although she comes off as a mature, stable girl, Mitsuru's always extremely shy when it comes to boys. Playing the protagonist allows you to choose a girl in the game to attempt to date, and my pick was always Mitsuru. Although the shadow vanquishing and thick storyline interested me thoroughly, there wasn't a sequence in the game more exciting than the bathhouse and beach scenes! You'll have to pick up the game for the full experience!

Among all of these reasons Mitsuru made my list, there is also that sexy Japanese school girl outfit with her long, slender legs and knee-high boots that really grabs interest. Plus, she can be a leader and stay sweet simultaneously, which is always an advantage! Congrats to Mitsuru for being my sole redhead gamer girl fantasy! 

#17: Lara Croft from Tomb Raider

Lara Croft surely has not gone undetected in the search for hot video game babes. In fact, she appears to be somewhat of a sex symbol, which is a pretty huge accomplishment, considering she is made up of pixels! This sexy, fit, British adventurer and tough girl has melted the heart of many during her numerous leads in the Tomb Raider franchise. We get to enjoy the whole of Lara's tight body and cute little arse as she climbs up and down caves, fights bats, raging tigers and conspiracies, and experiments with new Batman-esque inventions.

One of my fondest memories of Lara is mastering her obstacle course in the backyard of her mansion, and getting lost in her garden maze while her overly intrusive butler follows close behind. Tomb Raider is an amazing title that has innovated virtually every system for several years, but I am sure Lara's superb figure and sexy accent has helped keep the interest of fans worldwide, including myself. Lara's model has the cutest face in Tomb Raider Anniversary and Underworld, but I miss those giant boobs from the pixelated pioneering Tomb Raider... ahh, the memories! Does anyone else have complaints over the decline of Lara's bombshell-ity and revealing nature in the new installation, or is it just me?

Now if only Lara could be a blonde!

#16: Princess Daphne from Dragon's Lair

It's apparent why Dirk the Daring ventures to go on such perilous missions to save this babe in danger! Princess Daphne, who first appeared in the initial Dragon's Lair game in 1986, is beyond beautiful. Her half naked, yet regal appearance, flowing blonde hair, big eyes with batting lashes and cute, ditzy appearance could win any knight (or dragon!) over, and has been the subject of much controversy over "sexism" in gaming!

The original story features Singe, a troublesome and stereotypical evil dungeon dragon, who captures the curvaceous princess and locks her away in Mordoc the wizard's castle of treachery. It is up to you to play Dirk good enough to rescue the princess and manage to get some action... or at least that's what I'd do it for! Although the graphics have always been very cartoonish and reminiscent of Disney's style, Daphne is anything but the covered up and conservative Cinderella type! Daphne sports a tiny bikini that barely holds in her oversized bust and a sheer, glittery dress that leaves nothing to the imagination. Thanks, Daphne, for making every other "damsel in distress" in history green with envy! 

#15: Silvia from Viewtiful Joe

Silvia from Viewtiful Joe definitely deserves a spot in the hall of hottie fame. She's a spunky, popular cheerleader and a smart nerd at the same time. This combination, although scarcely seen, is the epitome of awesome! This blonde bombshell is the girlfriend of protagonist, Joe, and is kidnapped while watching a movie featuring their favorite superhero. Joe obtains a V-Watch, allowing him to enter the comic book style movie world to save his hot blonde eye candy.

Most damsels sit around and wait to be saved, Silvia is different! In the second installment of the franchise, Silvia gets a watch of her own, becoming Sexy Silvia, and kicking some ass along the way. Watching this girl bounce around and do her cheer-like moves will make anyone want to play (with her). I've never seen a more appealing cell shaded creation! I'm sure avid Viewtiful Joe fans were enticed to know she has a near-identical sister too, and the knowledge of that will surely get you playing the series! Give me an 'S'! Go Silvia! 

#14: Rikku from Final Fantasy

I debated long and hard (and rough...) whether I should include Rikku as one of my Final Fantasy girls, but I've decided that 17 (in FFX-2) is old enough to be ogled! This Al Bhed tribal sweetheart makes her first appearance of the Final Fantasy series in X, but the real treat is getting to see her in her skimpier X-2 getup, featuring a more mature Rikku in a string bikini top and skirt with her thong straps sticking out... yum!

She's smart, silly, entertaining and a child at heart during the series, often helping Yuna combat trouble. Resourceful and helpful are definitely pluses in my book, and she's voiced by the adorable Tara Strong to boot! X-2 gives her a more prominent role as well (among other more prominent things, heh!) and she develops her career as a master thief, though I couldn't imagine her being able to blend into scenery well with that impressive body and those crazy braided golden locks! Rikku definitely helps put sex into the Final Fantasy franchise and surpasses many of the title's other sexy additions along the way. Watch out for those giant claw weapons between the sheets, though! 

#13: Cammy White from Street Fighter

Step aside, Sonya Blade, there's only room for one hot, yellow-haired military personnel on my list! If our society ever becomes advanced enough to create totally erotic female androids for military warfare, Cammy from the Street Fighter series would be the prototype. Imagine what this beyond-sultry babe would look like if she let her long, blonde hair out, put her discipline aside, and got dirty! She's robust and has long, curvy legs worthy of strangling any man who doesn't give her what she wants... or woman, I hope! I love her determination and her barely-there thong bodysuit with the adorable matching hat! I don't think the camouflage would work that well to hide this voluptuous babe, but damn does it look great on her!

Cammy made her first appearance in the arcade in 1993 with Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers, and has been a consistent character ever since. Whether you heard the story the American way or not, the thought of her consorting with M. Bison has got to be a total turn on! Cammy's yet another girl on my list who can make you melt with her seductive British accent. Need I say more? I know it may make a lot of Street Fighter fans out there boil, but I think Cammy White far surpasses Chun Li on the sex-o-meter!

#12: Blood Elf from World of Warcraft

Before the Burning Crusade expansion came out for the World of Warcraft MMO, the game was definitely lacking some major sex appeal. Players had to turn to the large, purple elongated faces and figures of the Night Elves for visual gaming stimulation. Fear no more, the monotony is expansions past with the emergence of the Blood Elves!

My first, and favorite, character I created in WoW was a Blood Elf Hunter. I love the Blood Elves for their lean, tiny frames and their alluring glowing eyes. They look cute in any tier gear, though I'll forever enjoy the naked glitch every time it happens! In lore, the Blood Elves are what remained of the High Elves after their numbers dwindled down to a sole few. Even though the tyranny and oppression is over, and their population has restored, they decided to call themselves "Blood" Elves in memory of the blood their brethren have shed. That’s a pretty cool backstory to such a sexy, resilient race!

I feel bad for the foul Alliance player who has to sit around admiring the hooved Draenei or the chubby human! Blood Elves are why the majority of us WoW nerds exclaim "for the Horde!"

Here's my sexy Blood Elf babe with her pet, Uvuros, wearing our Call of the Mastodon guild tabard. FOR THE HORDE! 

#11: Mileena from Mortal Kombat

Mileena has sustained as my female of choice throughout the Mortal Kombat series. She was created as a clone of Princess Kitana, using Tarkatan DNA, by Shang Tsung who was quoted saying that Mileena is "like Kitana, but without any flaws". I totally agree, who cares about the crazy Baraka-style mouth and the evil red eyes? Have you seen her rack? Mortal Kombat is one of the only video games to date that ventures to put enormous DD's on a small-framed girl. There's nothing sexier than being fit, small and large-chested, and Mileena has it all. She even sports the sexiest pink or purple revealing costumes, and anyone who gets to obey Shao Kahn's every whim is envy-worthy in my book! If you haven't unlocked her secret alternate costume yet in Mortal Kombat 9, you’re sorely missing out.

Mileena embodies a childish character through her fighting style, and behavior and is often seen bouncing around and having fun, all while savagely dismembering her foes. I don't think there is anything more awe-worthy than a laughing, blood soaked babe with torn-off clothing! The most memorable "victory dance" in a fighter comes from Mileena as well, I can still picture her shaking her glutes and flaunting her curves as she says, "Was it good for you?" Yes, yes it was. 

#10: Samus Aran from Metroid

Samus is another standard, and an obvious super hottie, derived from the video game world. Is it the fact that gamers became enamored with the strong and mighty Samus character in the arcades, only to find out "he" is actually a stunning "she"? No way! It's Miss Samus and her cute blondness in her skin-tight Zero Suit! Even if you haven't played a single Metroid game you've heard of this doll-face. She's on everyone's lips!

Samus was introduced in the first installation of Metroid way back in 1986 as a head hunter. Encased fully in powerful armor from head to toe, no one could tell that she was a woman, let alone a woman so beautiful with such perfect assets. Game developer marketing strategy number one: create a rugged, cool and interesting protagonist, then announce her sexiness once everyone is hooked! Works like a charm. I would fight Space Pirates with Samus Aran any day! 

#9: November Annabella Terra "Nova" from StarCraft

"The sexiest girl who originates from a game that was never released" award goes to: Nova from the defunct StarCraft: Ghost game! Even though Nova makes a solid appearance in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty's story mode and will remain in the rest of the expansions; I would still love to see her own game title finally come to fruition. I mean, that like-second-skin ghost suit and her tight rear (proof above) puts her high on my list of gaming ecstasy. November is my birth month and Terra is, phonetically, my name, so she gets points there as well!

Nova is a Terran Ghost, meaning she is a sniper-style soldier that can become invisible, due to her suit and psychic training, at will. When playing matches in StarCraft, I often omit the pro tactic of training and producing Ghosts in my strategy, but if they all looked like Nova, I bet I'd find a way to include them in every bout! I don't know why Raynor is so infatuated with Kerrigan when Nova is such an improvement! It's a shame this sexy, smart game babe's shot at a protagonist role is just as invisible as she often is. 

#8: Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy

Tifa Lockhart has some huge boobs and some extra-long legs. There, I just came out with what we are all thinking and why Tifa is regarded by many as the single sexiest video game character ever. I'm surprised she doesn't topple over! I am sure FF fans around the world are rooting for a remastered Final Fantasy VII in improved graphics, just to control Tifa's assets in HD! Cloud is one lucky dude to have gotten the chance to watch those things, I mean her, grow throughout childhood!

Tifa is a member of AVALANCHE, which is a group opposed to the Shinra organization in their hometown of Midgar. She's a strong-willed, gorgeous brunette who helps the protagonist, Cloud, numerous times along his journey. She also doubles as a bartender at a place called "7th Heaven Bar". A name that undoubtedly stems from the feeling patrons get upon entering and seeing Tifa and her fabulous physique.

Final Fantasy VII is, in my opinion, one of the best in the franchise, despite being so old and having such outdated graphics. The story was rich and engaging, and even heartbreaking at points. The appearance of Tifa only makes the game that much better!

It was hard to not include Aerith in this list, but having three FF characters seemed a little much. Although she's amazing, this article is about the best of the best in game industry 'T' and 'A'!

#7: Sophitia from Soul Calibur

Look at Sophitia's new Soul Calibur 4 look! She's so hot! Don't you just want to comfort her and lay your head in between those big boobies? Sophitia is definitely my Soul Calibur girl pick, she's beautiful and blonde with a banging body, for starters, and I love her Greek look and attire. Very "delicate Spartan woman" meets "sexy, bosomy blonde goddess"!

Sophitia is a triple threat! She can fight and take care of herself, she's immensely seductive and she can cook! Outside of her fighting and healing do-gooder career, she works in her family's Greek bakery! What man, or woman, wouldn't love having this buxom babe cook them dinner?

Damn! Soul Calibur chicks are on fire!

#6: Helena Douglas from Dead or Alive

Another fighting game darling, coming this time from the ruler of all fighters-featuring-sexy-girls, is Helena. Helena is a curvy, ample-bosomed blonde (I'm sure you can see somewhat of a pattern forming here!) from Dead or Alive.

Dead or Alive is infamous for its Xtreme Beach Volleyball installment which depicted the sexiest girls from the franchise in risqué bikinis playing a lot of volleyball. Yes, that means a plethora of jumping and bouncing virtual boobage! Although semi-pointless, the installment was pretty acclaimed, and for the obvious reasons.

Helena is an Opera singer living in America with French origin. I can see how she could store an epic set of lungs in that roomy chest! The knockout first debuted in Dead or Alive 2. Her soft facial features and radiant blue eyes might make you think she's weak, but since the misdirected assassination of her mother, she has been a leader in the Dead or Alive Tournament Executive Committee and a champion in the tournaments themselves. Can't get enough of her regal appearance and that superb French body! 

#5: Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers

Morrigan Aensland, what more can I say about this sexy succubus? She's vain, a powerful seductress and has curves in all the right places, with bat wings everywhere else. Her wings are so badass; they can morph into different blades and weapons she can use to incapacitate her foes. She can even detach them from her back as separate vampiric entities to fight alongside her.

Unlike most other beauties from famous fighter titles that have made their way onto my list, she's not fighting for revenge, honor or a noble cause, this green-haired blood sucker fights just for the excitement of doing so. How hot is a natural blood lust?

I love this girl because she's so good at being bad. Her tiny waist and sexy black thong teddy outfit show off her bounding cleavage, and her shapely legs are covered in bat-printed stockings. There's nothing that isn't arousing about this batgirl. So what Morrigan is conceited? After all, the feeling is definitely justifiable! 

#4: Bonne Jenet from King of Fighters

Jennie Behrn often goes by Bonne Jenet, or just B. Jenet, but whatever you choose to call her, it is obvious why this mischievous blonde beauty has made my top 20 list! She's got those ambrosial blue peepers and an ample amount of chest attachments that just about any pirate would swoon over! Yes, that's right, this apparently sweet babe isn't your average fighter girl; she's a swashbuckling pirate!

B. Jenet fills many King of Fighters titles with her sultry antics and curvaceous frame. Appearing in the first tournament solely for monetary gain and then terrorizing the cast of Garou: Mark of the Wolves, joining their tournament as well to, you guessed it, plunder and pillage! I love this chick because her looks give off an innate sense of physical perfection, and her story is interesting and unorthodox. It's no wonder two completely different franchises decided to show off this privileged pirate! You'll never be bored with B.!

#3: Felicia from Darkstalkers

Morrigan isn't the only amazing female specimen that claims Darkstalkers as her origin, nor is she the most captivating! Meet Felicia, though I am sure you're already familiar with her scratch, the cat girl has purred and meowed her sweet little ass into my virtual sexy party, and there she has remained.

Originally meant to take on Morrigan's role of the sultry, sexy seductress, Felicia has somewhat changed abruptly during development. When developers realized she would fit the cutesy chick role, they switched her with Morrigan, making the batty babe a succubus. Felicia first appears on screen in Capcom's Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors and has since appeared in many puzzle fighters, pocket fighters and other Darkstalkers franchise releases.

I, myself, love Felicia's curves, flowing blue (or sometimes pink) hair and some kind of furry, white outfit that barely covers anything. She's always been at the top of my list, and one of the sexiest women I have had the pleasure of controlling in-game to date. Can you imagine those claws scratching at your bare back? Anyway, Felicia first wowed me in Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, and I have been an avid Felicia-natic ever since! Out of all of the female feline humanoids (and there are so freaking many!) that anime, comics or games could envision, Felicia is the obvious champion in my book! You rock, Felicia, we love to see those purr-fect assets of yours in motion!

#2: Ayumi from X-Blades

So, to start off about this one, I am going to be perfectly honest and admit I have never heard of, or played a single minute of, Ayumi's hailing game, X-Blades. I found her recently while surfing through titles that got sub-par reviews and I am excited to pick up a copy and find out how this is possible with such an amazing front woman.

Now you're probably thinking, how could a chick that has such a supposed poor game be so high up on my list? Well, that image above is not the product of some over-sexed artist fantasizing about a normally covered-up video game babe... it's the actual cover art of the game! Ayumi bounds around the entire story in nothing but a skimpy G-string and some leg guards and bracers! This mesmeric cutie also has some really kick-ass gun blades, making her even more provocative.

X-Blades looks like a really interesting action-adventure slasher game, with decent graphics and an interesting user interface. I'm excited to sink my teeth into the title, as well as set my eyes on Ayumi's bare butt cheeks!  

#1: Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros

Duh, who else but Princess freaking Toadstool herself could be my number one pick? Despite the fact that she spends all of her time in a generous amount of pink fabric that makes up her goody-covering princess ensemble, she's still the hottest around! Whoever required a hot girl to be near-nude all the time was a fool... Okay, maybe not.

Want proof of the princess's prestige? Every virtual man wants her! Bowser is constantly containing her, selfishly, within his dungeon while Mario consistently jeopardizes his life in order to traverse the castles and bring her back just for a peck on the cheek, and Luigi often follows out of pure love for the princess. That's not all, the lovely princess even turned the mild-mannered Donkey Kong (under the guise of a different name, I don't care what you say!) into a kidnapping caper back in her more rebellious redhead days! Then again, who wouldn't risk it all for a shot at seeing her as pictured above, au natural with her tantalizing royal body at your disposal.

Princess Peach Toadstool has made dozens of appearances in Mario Bros games over the last couple decades, with her initial role being in the 1985 Super Mario Bros. She was not only a distressed damsel, she's been a playable heroine in many sequels as well, starting out as a kick-butt parasol-wielding dream girl as early as Super Mario Bros 2!

I love the Princess because she's absolutely perfect! She has the biggest, bluest eyes I've ever seen, the cutest puckered lip expressions (perfect for a certain insertion *wink-wink*), a perky disposition and the sexiest curves fitted on a small, delicate structure! Not only does this blondie wear the crown in the Mushroom Kingdom, she won the crown of my absolute sexiest, jaw dropping beauties in the video game universe... and she's held the title since before I was born! All hail the perfection that is Princess Peach!

Meanwhile, In Tara Land...

While we are still on the topic of jaw-dropping video game girls, I'd like to address publicly the fact that somehow inspiring a video game character has always been a dream of mine, (alongside writing for an awesome gaming site like Impulse Gamer!) or even simply helping with motion capture production would be an honor. I think I would completely qualify as a brutal contender in an action-adventure, a scantily-clad tough chick in a fighter, or even a delicate troubled babe waiting for her prince! Bias aside, I'll let the readers and fans here at Impulse Gamer decide whether or not I am worthy. I've added a supplemental little treat this time; enjoy the Tara Babcock art gallery!


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