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The Rise DVD Review

The Rise DVD Review admin

Summary: The Rise succeeds in telling a story about British gangsters looking up from the bottom.



The Rise
Crime / Drama
Running Time:
Reviewer: Peter Bourke

The Rise is written and directed by Rowan Athale in his directorial debut that revolves around Harvey (Luke Treadaway) who has just been released from prison and wants to get even at the man, Steven Roper (Neil Maskell), a rather immoral businessman who placed him there. Harvey comes up with the idea to rob his establishment known as The Rise in order to get back what this man stole. However in order to pull off this heist, Harvey recruits his three best friends, Dempsey (Iwan Rheon), Dodd (Matthew Lewis) and Charlie (Gerard Kearns).

Similar to other British films of the same genre, The Rise features that gritty realism and of course some great dialogue, one-liners and banter between the characters, especially with Dempsey and Dodds who are a treat to watch. Harvey however is on the other end of the spectrum whose main goal is to successfully pull off the heist and hopefully win back Nicola (Vanessa Kirby), his ex-girlfriend. Needless to say the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

Director Athale also begins the story from where it all went wrong and from there, the viewer is taken on a very interesting journey as we follow these characters to their climatic endings. For Athale’s directorial debut, The Rise succeeds in telling a story about British gangsters looking up from the bottom. It may not be the most memorable film in terms of story but its execution and dialogue works well.

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