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Just Dance 2014 Wii Review

Just Dance 2014 Wii Review Admin

Summary: In the end, Just Dance 2014 ticks all the right boxes on the Nintendo Wii and proves that this old console still has the magic.


Just Dance has it!

Publisher: UbiSoft
Genre: Music
Available: Now
Rating: G
Reviewer: James Wright

Dancing dancing DANCING! <Thanks Michael Jackson> Okay, it may not be 2014 but UbiSoft have released their latest dance title from the popular Just Dance series which features a truly diverse soundtrack to get your jig on. Unlike some of the more serious dance games, Just Dance succeeds because it does not take itself too seriously and whether you’re 9 or 90, this game will cater for you. It’s also one of the best party games around as you and your friends dance your way to victory or a really good time!

justdance01At its core, Just Dance 2014 is an interactive dance title for the Nintendo Wii which requires the player to mimic the on screen dancers with a touch of your own personal moves thrown in for good measure. There is also an element of rhythm involved and the result is a classic dance game that not only gets the endorphines flowing but is a really fun game as you dance to tunes by Robbie Williams, Katy Perry or the insanely talented Nicki Minaj. With that said, the game features over 40 songs and is quite a diverse tracklist.

For those people who have never played a dance game before, the moves that you need to replicate are displayed on your TV and the best way to get your brain around this is that you’re looking at the “man” in the mirror <double thanks to Michael Jackson>.

However opposed to seeing yourself, you actually see the virtual dancers who sometimes wear some truly bizarre costumes such as Panda suits and even fruit. Your moves are then tracked by the wiimote and sometimes your friends… it always cracks me up watching other people dance. The game also scores you on how well you performed with the game have four levels of difficulty. Given that, I was pleasantly surprised how accurate the tracking still is on the Wii console.

Although the game can be played in single-player, where it does shine is through the “party” mode which allows up to four players to dance at once. With that said, some of the dance routines are not only crazy to watch but fun to perform and you really do start to sweat if you take your dancing seriously. For those that want even more of a gym session, there is also a workout mode which increases the amount of energy that you use with the dances.


In terms of gameplay, it’s good that classic and free-dance still modes still exist in 2014 but I really enjoyed the new On-Stage Mode which focuses on the lead dancer and their two backup dancers. It’s just another fun party game experience that once again works better in co-op, especially if you have a few uncoordinated people playing.

Another highlight of Just Dance 2014 is the World Dancefloor mode which is an online game where you can join in with other people from around the world. With that said, not all the content is directly available to the player when you first start the game because you do need to dance to unlock additional modes and extras but this is all part of the fun.



Graphically, the title looks good on the Wii but you cannot compare it to the PS3 or 360 version but even so, the Wii is still one of the best party consoles ever made. However where this game does shine on the Wii is with the ridiculous and insane costumes that only enhance the overall enjoyment of the title. Of course, the tracklist is the star of this game and with songs such as I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor), Kiss You (One Direction) or Pound The Alarm (Nicki Minaj), it doesn’t get better than this. It really goes off!


Final Level

In the end, Just Dance 2014 ticks all the right boxes on the Nintendo Wii and proves that this old console still has the magic. It may not be as accurate as some other dancing titles but when it comes to fun and the moves, Just Dance has it!


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