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Exyra Glasses Review (2023)

Exyra are an Australian based company who provide a wide range of eye wear for the digital age, particularly for those users looking to reduce blue light that is generated by smartphones and computer screens. Some studies have shown that using these devices at night can make it harder to fall asleep due to the blue light that they emit which is where Exyra eye wear comes into play.

As you may have guessed, their glasses have been designed to help reduce blue light with a special “filter” built into the lenses that blocks or absorbs the short wavelength of this type of light that in essence, will hopefully not impede your ability on falling asleep. Furthermore, their glasses have been designed to be quite fashionable and quite sturdy.

So today, we’re checking out two of their glasses that include a set that blocks out blue light, the Wattle and also a pair of sunglasses, the Sydney that look very fashionable. When we received both pairs from Exyra, they were well packed from Ezyra and come with a case plus a cleaning cloth. The Wattle Blue Light glasses also come with a tool to adjust the frame as well.

Wattle Blue Light Glasses

Fewer headaches, no more sore and itchy eyes, sleep better, and keep getting the most out of your digital life. The Wattle boast a subtle blue to the frames that adds to the already stylish look.


  • Filter Blue Light
    Help improve focus, better night’s sleep, task performance and contribute to a better day’s work productivity.
  • 100% UV Protection
    Filter out harmful UV rays and provide your eyes with lasting protection for both in & outdoors.
  • Quality Frame
    Handcrafted with premium acetate, durable and comfortable to wear the entire day & Hypoallergenic

Exyra Sydney Sunglasses

Sydney in Black is classic and laid-back. The subtle touch of white stripe brings attention to details and adds a cosmopolitan element to their style. The styles come in rectangle-shaped frames and crafted from acetate material makes them durable and fashionable.


  • Handcrafted from premium acetate in exclusive colors that result in the unique pattern of each individual frame
  • Premium Lens offers 100% UVA/B Protection
  • Flex hinges equipped with small spring to provide great comfort and more able to withstand everyday use
  • Lenses made from the most impact-resistant material for eyeglasses
  • Carry case & cleaning cloth included

Of course, a picture is worth a thousand words so here are some images we have taken below of the Wattle and the Sydney.


As you can see, both pairs of glasses look quite stylish and we really cannot fault Exyra in their design.

After using these glasses religiously for the last 3 – 4 weeks, I really loved the sunglasses that not only fit well but are very comfortable to wear and blocks the glare and UV of the sun.

Then you have the blue light glasses that are perfect for smartphone and computer use at night and again, another comfortable and well-designed pair. If you move your blue light glasses half way down so you can look above the lens and then through the lens, you may notice a slight colour difference which is the filter.

As an avid computer and smartphone user and night, I use both these devices way too much and often I need to use eye drops to help reduce the strain of these devices. However after a week, I found that I did not need to use the drops as frequently and even less a few weeks later, only occasionally which was more due to a lack of sleep.

Final Thoughts?

If you’re on the market for sunglasses or blue light glasses that scream style and functionality, then check out who have a wide variety of frame types and uses. All in all, two excellent choices from an Australian company.


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