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Matt Okine and Julia Zemiro Join Greta Lee Jackson for FAIL Podcast


FAIL with Greta Lee Jackson is a podcast in which host and comedian Greta Lee Jackson speaks to successful people about times they messed up, and what they learned from their mistakes. At times raw, honest and vulnerable, it can also be hilarious, embarrassing and ridiculous, as the guests reveal their personal and professional failures in all their glory.

But the most surprising thing about this podcast is the insight it provides into the struggles of overcoming your dark times, how our mistakes shape us a people, and the resulting feeling that we’re all in this together through the good and bad.

Season 1 is already available on Podcast One and Season 2 begins March 11, 2020. Guests include Julia Zemiro, Matt Okine, Jan Fran, Cam Knight and Nina Oyama.

Greta Lee Jackson is an Australian media personality who writes, directs, performs and edits comedy content for television and online. Greta is best known as a former presenter and occasional fill-in host of the satirical news series Tonightly with Tom Ballard on ABC Comedy and as a regular guest presenter for The Feed on SBS.

She is also one third of the sketch comedy trio Skit Box which has achieved international acclaim and over 140 million views online for several viral videos, including Activewear. Greta details many of her own failures and stuff-ups in FAIL with Greta Lee Jackson as she firmly believes that failure is a crucial part of every creative journey.


Cam Knight’s Five-star Review

Comedian, actor and presenter Cam Knight’s happiest professional achievement is receiving a five-star review for his comedy show 100 Percenter. Cam catches up with comedian Greta Lee Jackson to talk about quitting alcohol after hitting his lowest point and the dangers of “face-ism.”

Rodney Todd’s Big Break

Comedian and playwright Rodney Todd’s proudest achievement is working on the ABC comedy program Tonightly with Tom Ballard. Rodney joins comedian Greta Lee Jackson to talk about taking opportunities and setbacks in his stride, and why he’s shy about promoting himself.

Bjorn Stewart’s Self-worth

Actor and writer Bjorn Stewart has appeared in, and worked on, a range of programs for the ABC and short films. Bjorn joins comedian Greta Lee Jackson to talk about bringing himself back from the lowest point in his career and what he’d like written in his own eulogy.

Jan Fran’s Resilience

Journalist and presenter, Jan Fran, is best known for co-hosting the SBS news & current affairs program The Feed. She catches up with comedian Greta Lee Jackson to talk about her most embarrassing professional fail and being recognised in line to the toilet at a music festival.

Michelle Brasiers Perspective

Actor and writer Michelle Brasier is best known for her work in Mad As Hell and her collaborations with comedy group Aunty Donna. Michelle catches up with comedian Greta Lee Jackson to talk about what bravery means to her and learning to ask for help.

Nina Oyama’s Twitter Fails

Writer and actor Nina Oyama has a really good relationship with failure. She is best known for her roles on Utopia and Tonightly with Tom Ballard and online for her viral tweets. Nina catches up with comedian Greta Lee Jackson to talk about Twitter fails and why Kitty Flanagan bought her a mattress.

 Matt Okine’s Self-belief

 Comedian, actor and author Matt Okine isn’t afraid of failing. Since co-presenting triple j Breakfast, Matt is best known for his TV program, The Other Guy, and his book, Being Black ‘n Chicken & Chips. He joins comedian Greta Lee Jackson to talk about embarrassing comedy gigs and why he’s not afraid to fail.

Penny Greenhalgh’s Rock Bottom

Comedy writer and performer Penny Greenhalgh has written for and performed in ABC comedy programs, including Tonightly with Tom Ballard, and performed an ice-skating routine at the Enmore Theatre. Penny opens up to comedian Greta Lee Jackson about the time she hit rock bottom and how she brought herself out of it.

 Julia Zemiro’s Low Point

Presenter and actor, Julia Zemiro, is best known for her roles hosting RocKwiz, Eurovision and Home Delivery. She opens up to comedian Greta Lee Jackson about unsuccessful auditions and finding purpose outside of work.

Season 2 of FAIL with Greta Lee Jackson will be available March 11 on Apple Podcasts or by downloading the Podcast One app. New episodes will be posted via Greta’s socials:

Twitter: @gretaleejackson


Instagram: @gretaleejackson

Youtube: Greta Lee Jackson

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