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Published on May 30th, 2023 | by Lisa Marie

Cricut Colour-Change and Smart Label Range Review

The geniuses behind all things crafty have added another five new bows to their quiver with their innovative colour-changing and dissolvable labels. Needless to say, these new produces from Cricut are a true gamer changer and are sure to inspire your inner muse such as colour changing vinyl that activates the design through either cold or heat activation to iron-ons that are triggered by the light of the sun, dissolvable labels and lastly, Holographic ones.

Welcome to the new Cricut family!

  • Cricut Cold-Activated, Colour-Changing Permanent Vinyl ($24.95)
    Experience magic with this new material. Once in contact with temperatures below 10ºC, the vinyl changes colour. Apply it to your go-to glass or bowl, then simply add something frosty and marvel as the colours change before your eyes. This material is compatible with all Cricut smart cutting machines. Handwash only is recommended.
    Available in the following colours:
    – Light Pink > Magenta
    – Light Blue > Turquoise
    – Turquoise > Purple

  • Cricut Heat-Activated, Colour-Changing Permanent Vinyl ($24.95)
    Turn up the heat and watch your projects transform in front of you with this new material. Designed to change colour in temperatures above 31°C, Heat-Activated, Colour-Changing Vinyl is sure to impress. Simply apply it to your go-to mug or bowl, then add in something hot and delight in the colour-changing magic. Compatible with all Cricut smart cutting machines. Handwash only is recommended.
    Available in the following colours:
    – Magenta > Light Pink
    – Turquoise > Light Blue
    – Purple > Turquoise

  • Cricut UV-Activated, Colour-Changing Iron-On ($24.95)
    Create colour-changing fun under the sun! UV-Activated, Colour-Changing Iron-On transforms in sunlight, adding surprise and delight to your heat-transfer projects. Ideal for clothing, accessories, and everyday items you take outside. For use with all Cricut cutting machines. For best results, transfer using Cricut EasyPress™.
    Colours available include:
    – White > Pink
    – White > Violet
    – White > Blue
    – White > Yellow
  • Cricut Smart Label Paper – Dissolvable ($14.95)
    Temporarily label leftovers, party cups, and much more with this new and innovative label-making material – designed to dissolve without the sticky residue! Simply run water over the label and handwash for 30 seconds or place the labelled item in the dishwasher, and watch it completely dissolve. This nifty smart label paper works without a cutting mat. Simply write, cut, and peel! Compatible with all Cricut machines and Cricut markers. Both the label and adhesive are water soluble and microwave and freezer safe.
  • Cricut Joy Smart Label Writable Permanent Vinyl – New Colours ($14.95)
    Offering Cricut Joy™ users more variety, the smart label writable permanent vinyl is now available in Gold and Silver Holographic. Whether you’re looking to organise your kitchen, kids’ playroom or make gift tags; easily write, cut, peel, and stick with Smart Label Writable Permanent Vinyl. Simply create your own label designs in the Cricut Design Space app, load the material without a cutting mat, let your cutting machine draw your design with compatible Cricut Joy™ Pens and Markers then cut the label shape.

Wow hey? Being a kid of the 80’s, there’s definitely a ton of amazing retro opportunities available to the Cricut user that really expands the creativeness of your designs. Whether it’s for fashion, events, birthdays or everything in-between, there is a place for all these new items. So if you have the Cricut 3, you have everything you need to start your new designs via the Cricut Design Space.


So what are you waiting? It’s time to try something new on your Cricut Maker 3!


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