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Published on June 24th, 2024 | by Andrew Bistak

BRITA Style XL 3.6L Water Filter Jug Review

BRITA Style XL 3.6L Water Filter Jug Review Andrew Bistak

Summary: The BRITA Style XL 3.6L Water Filter Jug providers healthier and better tasting water.


Smart water!

If you have been following the latest news in Australia, there is a major investigation into our water supply as cancer-causing chemicals have been detected. Additionally, varying levels of lead may impact our health that can cause damage to the kidneys, brain and interfere with the production of red blood cells that carry oxygen to all parts of the body (The Minnesota Department of Health, Feb 2024). The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also states that the maximum contaminant of lead should be zero as even the smallest amount of this metal can be harmful towards our health.

Further testing is needed and while dedicated nitrate home filter systems are expensive, there are some affordable alternatives available to help reduce the risk. Cue in the BRITA Style XL 3.6L Water Filter Jug that uses their MAXTRA+ Pure Performance filters and offers up to 150litres of drinking water (approximately four weeks or eight glasses per day) before it must be replaced. The MAXTRA+ Pure Performance filter has been designed to improve drinking water by reducing metals such as lead and copper, including chlorine and other sediments to ensure healthier and better tasting water. Also, if you have a coffee machine, it even helps in reducing lime scale build-up which ensures better tasting coffee and less descaling.

BRITA Style XL 3.6L Water Filter Jug Features:

  • Reduces chlorine, metals, minerals causing limescale build-up and other impurities (if found in tap water)
  • 1x Style jug 3.6L with one-month supply of MAXTRA+ Pure Performance filters
  • Modern, soft shape jug design
  • Advanced filter change LED indicator
  • Flip top lid with silicone strap for easy refilling
  • Compatible with Maxtra+ Limescale Expert filter
  • Each filter provides 150 litres of pure and fresh tasting filtered water.
  • Change filter every month for optimal filtration
  • BPA Free (except memo).
  • Dishwasher safe (follow instructions in manual

In terms of design the BRITA Style XL 3.6L Water Filter Jug is quite minimalistic in its approach that is ideal for any home or small office. The other highlight of its design is its LED indicator (a traffic light system) which will remind you when the filter needs to be replaced. This is a very important feature because if a filter is dirty, it won’t clean the water and potentially spread other contaminants.


To setup this water jug, you simply clean the jug and the parts, add the filter into the inner jug by pushing it in, then put the inner jug into the main compartment and add the smart light to the lid. Lastly, place the lid onto the jug and presto, you’re ready to go – almost. Brita recommends that you fill the jug twice before using it. There are instructions with the jug which are a little convoluted. The graph above step 4 best describes the setup process via a pictorial but it’s a relatively easy setup. The inclusion of the smart light is great as it turns green when you pour the water and as mentioned indicates when the filter needs to be replaced. Very cool indeed!

Although we don’t have a scientific lab or kit handy, the most noticeable feature that we experienced while using this product was the taste. Unlike normal tap water it tasted purer and more refined and further, the smell of chlorine was absent as well. The key to better tasting and healthier water is through the filter system which is made from activated carbon from natural coconut shells which in essence draws out the contaminants that may be found in our drinking water. As a family of four, the water drinkers in the household really noticed an improved taste with the BRITA Style XL 3.6L Water Filter Jug. As a trial, 8 people and two types of water, Brita and tap water (both chilled). All 8 people (myself) included chose the Brita filtered water for the best tasting water.

Final Thoughts?

The BRITA Style XL 3.6L Water Filter Jug is an affordable way for better and healthier tasting water at home. Boasting 3.6 litres and easy refilling options, you should never be short in cold filtered water in your fridge, just make sure you have spare filters. For more information, please visit https://www.bigw.com.au/product/brita-style-xl-3-6l-water-filter-jug-blue/p/238889.

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