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Published on October 31st, 2013 | by Admin

Tara Babcock’s advice on how to get your Girlfriend (or Boyfriend) into Gaming!

Hey Guys! Today I’m going to give you my personal tips on how to get that stubborn girlfriend into gaming with you! I want to help games get female exposure. I just KNOW if we work together they will all love it as much as I do!

This is a guide that can apply to you if your significant other is male, too, but since it’s generally harder to get a girlfriend into gaming, we’ll focus on that a bit more.


First off, congrats on being passionate about the best fucking thing in the world and contributing to my favorite community of people. Gaming is just so amazing, for so many reasons, but YOU already know that, so let’s get the ball rolling.

If you are with someone who makes you feel like investing time into gaming is stupid or a waste of time, put that notion out of your head.

Not only is gaming a valid career path, an immersive and though-provoking, self-improving hobby, and just an epic experience, your significant other should support your passions, no matter what they are.

Being with someone who doesn’t understand you, who controls you, or who makes you feel like what you care about doesn’t matter, is not healthy. You deserve better.

—– So step one is sitting her down and letting her know why it means so much to you, what gaming has done for your life, and why you enjoy it —–

Remember: communication is important! If she’s a good person, she’ll want you to be happy.


Tell her stories about playing growing up, or that time that gaming was there for you when no one else was.

—– A great way to get her involved is to play a few entertaining one-player campaigns FOR HER. I even do this with my friends from time to time —–

Some games are so entertaining to watch they’re like interactive movies, and watching can be just as fun as playing.

I recommend games like Heavy Rain, and adventure games like Assassin’s Creed

(she’ll love Ezio, he’s so romantic… kinda).


RPGs, or games that allow you to make decisions can be fun, too. You can have her choose what to say in the dialog. Catherine is one of my favorites, with a bunch of different crazy endings.

You guys can even switch off if she feels like trying to play as well.

—– Next, find out what she likes, and get her playing casual games, or girly games that will get her curious about the world of gaming —–

Does she play any smartphone games or Facebook games? Farmville girls might like Harvest Moon or Animal Crossing.

One thing you gotta understand is that, until recently, gaming was thought to be ONLY for men, so many girls simply weren’t exposed to gaming growing up, which means they either aren’t interested, or simply just think it’s too hard.

Be patient and understanding of this fact. She’s not going to be a programmer immediately, and she’s not going to want to be overwhelmed by a high-level RTS or FPS as her first game most likely.

If she does want that, then why are you watching!? You’ve scored yourself a keeper!

—– This brings me to my next tip: if she’s never really gamed before, make sure the game is a bit easier —–

I recommend killing two birds with one stone, and showing her games from your childhood.

Not only will she most likely love the cuter graphics of things like Super Mario and Donkey Kong, but the controls and platformer gameplay will be pretty simple for her to learn without being boring.

The benefit of most of these is that they have a co-op mode, too!

—– Make gaming a thing you guys enjoy together, as a way to bond —–

Many girlfriends feel like men just use gaming as a way to get away from them, or they feel left out when you want to play for hours, maybe days on end and end up ignoring her a bit.

If you involve her and get her hooked, you guys will be spending a lot more time together, too, and she’ll be happy about that – trust me.

Get a good multiplayer game like World of Warcraft where investing time playing together counts toward something. Co-own a guild, and remember to show her vanity pets!

If MMO games aren’t your poison, try some co-op console games like Castle Crashers or Ray-Man legends.

Still not your thing? There are always great party games like Wii Party, Mario Party, and all kinds of fighting games and racing games for those times that you just wanna waste time together.

You can invite some friends over for this too, to break the ice. Don’t forget about sports games!

Imagine it… you and your girl on the couch smiling and laughing as you tread through a good story or challenge each other in Mortal Kombat!


Sounds like heaven, right?

Well… tell her that you feel that way!

Hopefully these tips have helped you keep your relationship while enjoying the fruits of being a gamer.

And remember, don’t ever let anyone tell you gaming is a waste of time. Changing who you are and being unhappy is not worth the pussy or D you’ll be getting if your compromise.

There are plenty of gamers out there who will understand you. Like me!

Girls… you don’t know how many men would fall for you all over again if you opened your mind to a good game.

It’s sexy, and it shows intelligence and love for your man. Don’t be afraid… games don’t bite!

Good luck, and happy gaming!

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