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SteamWorld Dig PS4 Review

SteamWorld Dig PS4 Review Admin

Summary: SteamWorld Dig is a much needed casual game for the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita that features a very addictive and challenging gameplay.


Dig it!

SteamWorld Dig
Developer: Image & Form
Genre: 2D Arcade Puzzler
Format: PS4 & PS Vita
Reviewer: Peter Bourke

SteamWorld Dig harkens back to a more humble time for gaming that is reminiscent of the excellented classics Dig Dug and Boulder Dash. SteamWorld Dig follows a similar premise that requires the player to dig underground with their pick axe in order to uncover a wealth of items. However SteamWorld Dig has a few clever 21st century gaming mechanics thrown into the mix. If the game does sound a little familiar that’s because it was first available on the 3DS via Nintendo’s e-Shop. If you purchase the game on the Sony Entertainment Network, you get access to both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita versions of the title which is great. I actually enjoyed the title a little more on the Vita.


Interestingly enough there is a story behind SteamWorld Dig that follows cowboy robot by the name of Rusty.Unfortunately mankind has destroyed itself in the 19th century and as a result, steam powered robots have taken over the planet. Our robot hero Rusty has also just arrived to the town of Tumbleton where he has been given the task of uncovering the secrets of Uncle Joe and the more you explore underground, the more resources you find to complete your quests. Rusty also has access to special items like a lantern which is required to navigate the mines where there are no light sources and plays an integral role to the game itself.

By collecting resources while you’re mining, you can then return to Tumbleton to sell these items and then purchase additional items or upgrades for your next underground adventure. Upgrading is another key component of SteamWorld Dig because making both Rusty and his items more powerful, it allows him to reach more difficult areas which of course gives the player much more rewards. Apart from collecting minerals and gems, Rusty must also engage in some puzzles which can be quite challenging to the player and some are quite clever.


Although the game does feel like a PC game, especially due to its mechanics, the controls are well mapped on the DualShock 4 Controller as you explore this wonderful underground world. Whether you’re digging or doing a special Steam Jump, everything feels just right. My only issue with the controls was climbing up the holes that you dug early on in the game because it felt a little stiff and unresponsive. There are also some enemies in the game and before going head to head with them, you do need to observe in order to find their weakness or pattern that you can exploit.If you do become stuck, you can send Rusty to his maker by enabling his self-destruction.


Graphically, SteamWorld Dig is a little minimalistic but the highlight here is the level design. The musical score and soundtrack works well with both the graphics and the gameplay and I love how the title is reminiscent of Clint Eastwood meets Westworld. The game also features a fun introduction and sets up the characters and the town of Tumbleton well. It’s a great homage to similar games of the last century.


Final Thoughts?

SteamWorld Dig is a much needed casual game for the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita that features a very addictive and challenging gameplay. Even though the mechanics are simple, by “digging into” the title, pun intended, SteamWorld Dig allows players to explore a wonderful world of treasures and challenges that are hidden for the player to find. It’s definitely one for the brain!

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