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Him & Her Series Two DVD Review

Him & Her Series Two DVD Review admin
Special Features

Summary: It's basically about being in your 20's and knowing that around the corner you have to grow up so you procrastinate the inevitable!


Couples therapy!

Him & Her Series Two
Genre: Comedy / Drama
Running Time: 194 Minutes
Reviewer: Peter Bourke

Him & Her is a clever British drama comedy series about two young lazy unemployed 20-something people named Steve (Russell Tovey) and Becky (Sarah Solemani) who would impress the Romans with their debauchery and over the top sluggishness. Since series 1, Steve and Becky have become closer with Becky finally moving into Steve’s apartment but their bliss is soon about to be interrupted.

Unfortunately for these two lazy lovebirds, Becky’s sister Laura (Kerry Howard) has becomes friends with Steve’s ex-partner Julie which does cause an uneasy problem for the couple. Needless to say, things never go according to plan for our favourite couple as their friends crash their house and their parents have a very amusing meeting which questions the future.


Him & Her is a very quirky series that will have you laughing and crying and successfully manages to draw you into this relatively non-existent life of theirs. The highlight of the series is Tovey and Solemani who create these very amusing characters as you follow them on their antics and mishaps, especially when it comes to friends and family.

There’s also a wonderful supporting case that include Laura’s finance and of course Dan, the “lonely” man upstairs who does add to the wonderful dynamics of these strange and entertaining characters. To sum it up, it’s basically about being in your 20’s and knowing that around the corner you have to grow up so you procrastinate the inevitable!

Video, Audio & Special Features

Beautifully presented on DVD, this release has sharp images and great audio. To compliment this fun release, there are a plethora of extras that include a great recap of series 1 or for those who have never seen the series, a series two teaser, a holiday photo gallery from Laura & Paul,  Behind the Scenes and a fun Salon Wolves exclusive!

Final Thoughts

The series ends on a high and a small cliff-hanger when Becky finds out a secret from Steve that he has kept from her. With seven episodes, Him & Her is the perfect answer to couples therapy because if these guys are far from perfect. It’s like watching an accident waiting to happy but with laughs. Just be careful that this series contains quite a few curse words which may not be for the feint hearted.


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