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Published on May 18th, 2014 | by Admin

Kensington Virtuoso Stylus & Pen Review

Kensington Virtuoso Stylus & Pen Review Admin

Summary: The Touch Stylus & Pen also comes in 13 different colours and is a very professional looking pen that works in both the physical and virtual realms.


Virtual Pen

Kensington Virtuoso Stylus & Pen Review
Developer: Kensington
Product: Stylus Pen
Reviewer: Peter Bourke

I recently reviewed the Kensington Virtuoso Stylus for Tablet which is basically just a stylus pen but sometimes you need a real pen to complete the task and this is where the Virtuoso Touch Stylus & Pen provides the ultimate solution. The top part of this product is a traditional pen and the other end is a stylus. Like the previous product, the stylus definitely increases your accuracy while using smart devices as you can easily navigate the operating system, take notes and draw diagrams without your sometimes fiddle some fingers.



  • Allows you to create and annotate
  • Soft tip provides comfort and control and won’t scratch your screen
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Other side of stylus features a ballpoint pen with cap
  • Pen cap fits securely over stylus
  • Full length body for familiar grip and feel
  • Chrome pocket clip
  • Compatible with tablets and smartphones

However on some occasions you may not have your smart device available and a traditional pen is required. The best part of this stylus is that it feels like a real pen in both size and weight which definitely reduces what you need to carry. I could happily recommend this product to a variety of users from business people to students and anyone who needs to take notes, both virtual and physical or just want a smoother smart device experience.


Another highlight of the stylus is that it keeps your screen clean from grime and fingerprints and no installation of the pen is required on any smart device. It also comes with a cap to protect the ballpoint pen and also a chrome pocket clip. The only thing you need to be wary of is that at times I almost started using the ballpoint pen end on my tablet. However by ensuring that the cap is always on, this should prevent this.


Final Thoughts?

The Touch Stylus & Pen also comes in 13 different colours and is a very professional looking pen that works in both the physical and virtual realms. Also if the ink does run out in the pen, Kensington ensure that you can replace the ballpoint pen which means this product will probably outlast your smart device. For additional piece of pen, the stylus is backed by Kensington’s 2-year limited warranty and all in all, it was a joy to use.


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