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A Haunting at Silver Falls DVD Review

A Haunting at Silver Falls DVD Review Admin
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Summary: The only question that this film raises is what actual crimes or supernatural stories was A Haunting at Silver Falls actually based on?


Cute scary!

A Haunting at Silver Falls
Genre: Supernatural Horror
Distributor: Shock Entertainment
Running Time: 96 Minutes
Rating: M15+
Reviewer: Peter Bourke

A Haunting at Silver Falls is directed by Brett Donowho and is a supernatural horror “based” on a True Story that stars Alix Elizabeth Gitter as Jordan, a teenager forced to live with her aunt and her partner in the town of Silver Falls after the death of her father. We also learn early on that Jordan lost her mother at a young age and that her aunt Anne (Tara Westwood) was also the twin sister of her mother.


As Jordan attempts to fit into the country town of Silver Falls from Los Angeles, she befriends Larry (James Calvo), a studious student who takes her to a party at the reclusive woods of their town where a pair of twin girls were brutally murdered. Unfortunately the police force the party goers to flee into the woods due to underage drinking and both Jordan and Larry are separated. This is where Jordan stumbles upon a lost ring which she inadvertently puts on her finger. As a result, she is connected to one of the dead twins which causes her to witness a variety of sightings of the dead girl and other paranormal activities.

Jordan is now caught between the world of the living and the dead and is used as a catalyst by the ghosts of the twins to help solve their murder. As the movie progresses, the suspects are brought forth by the director, especially through the two ghosts which eventually leads our heroine to the person responsible for the murders. Although the film is not graphic, it is more like a crime thriller with an element of the supernatural thrown into the mix. The biggest issue with the story of A Haunting at Silver Falls is that some characters are not fleshed out enough but thankfully the main storyline of Jordan and the dead twins makes up for this issue.


The end result is an enjoyable film, especially thanks to Alix Elizabeth Gitter who plays a very realistic and likeable character that interestingly is the most down to Earth character in the entire film. Other actors in the film include Erick Avari, Steve Bacic and Tadhg Kelly who unfortunately ham up their performances too much, especially Erick Avari as the local psychiatrist and Tara Westwood who looks too guilty for her own good.

Video/Audio & Special Features

The video quality of  A Haunting at Silver Falls boasts sharp images and strong colours that is presented in 1.78:1 widescreen with no errors whatsoever. Audio supports Dolby Digital 5.1 with good levels and great audio quality. Music levels are just right and really compliment the film. Regrettably there are no special features included in this release.


Final Thoughts?

A Haunting at Silver Falls almost works but unfortunately too many characters are thrown into the mix and some plot lines are too forced and contrived. The supernatural bits work and the ending was quite unexpected in this above average film.

Nonetheless, it is still far superior than most of the “other” supernatural films out there, especially those big Hollywood ones. The only question that this film raises is what actual crimes or supernatural stories was A Haunting at Silver Falls actually based on?


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