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27th November 2013 – In April 2012, Nintendo and the world famous Louvre Museum in Paris kick-started a partnership which saw Nintendo 3DS systems being introduced as the exclusive multimedia guide at the museum. Fast-forward less than two years, and in a new Nintendo Direct broadcast today featuring Mr Satoru Iwata and Mr Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo have announced that an enhanced version of this interactive experience, Nintendo 3DS Guide: Louvre, is now available to download from Nintendo eShop (available through the Nintendo 3DS family of systems) ensuring you can discover what the Louvre has to offer in the comfort of your own home, as well as when at the Louvre Museum itself.

Nintendo 3DS Guide: Louvre presents innovative and unique ways to enjoy the many attractions that the Louvre Museum exhibits using the 3D functionality of the Nintendo 3DS system, which does not require the use of special 3D enabled glasses. Bringing the world’s most visited museum to life with over 600 images of artwork, nearly 30 hours of audio commentary, and more than 400 photos of the museum interior including 360° panoramic 3D photos of gallery spaces. Within the 600 images of artwork, users will be able to examine 150 works of art as high resolution 2D images, 3D photos or 3D models using the exclusive 3D feature of the Nintendo 3DS. In addition, there is an interactive map of the museum where users can design their own trail around the exhibits, making the multimedia guide the ideal interactive software regardless of whether or not you are able to visit the Louvre Museum in person.

If you are able to visit the Louvre Museum, you can use the Nintendo 3DS Guide: Louvre to prepare for your visit before setting off. Once at the museum, by turning on the local wireless on your Nintendo 3DS system, you will be able to access the Visit the Louvre mode which uses location-sensing features to ascertain which room of the museum you are located in. This mode also provides a full interactive map, giving details of the exhibits at your current location in the museum. In addition, you can enjoy the tailor-made interactive trails on offer, such as the Masterpieces Tour featuring the museum’s most famous works of art. Meanwhile for users not able to visit the Louvre Museum, the multimedia guide can be updated by connecting to the Internet and selecting “Update Guide” to receive data on brand new exhibitions or when major changes are made to existing shows, and ensure their interactive tour provides the most up-to-date experience.

In order for users of all ages to enjoy this interactive experience, one of the pre-determined trails the application offers is a Family Tour which focuses on The Ancient Egyptians and includes fun minigames based on the pieces of art featured in the tour. Finally, as part of the Slide Show feature, users can select images of the museum and its artwork, and use the Nintendo 3DS system as a clock to display the time in a uniquely artistic way.

Nintendo 3DS Guide: Louvre is available to download from the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS systems, priced at AUD$26.00 (NZD$34.00). Those wishing to get their hands on a packaged version of the multimedia guide can do so from the Louvre Museum gift shops, where this version is being sold exclusively. Alongside the launch of the software today, a 3D video featuring the famed Venus de Milo sculpture can be streamed for free from Nintendo eShop ensuring you can get a taste of the experience on offer.

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