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Published on June 25th, 2014 | by admin

Acronis Introduces the First Full-Fledged Personal Backup Solution to Protect Apple Mac Users

Acronis’ Market-Leading Dual Protection Full System Image Backup Solution Now Available for both Mac and Windows Computers

Acronis, the global leader in new generation data protection, today announced the availability of Acronis® True Image for Mac®, the only full system image backup solution offering dual protection for Mac computers.

The new solution is the first to offer MacBook® users complete protection when they travel away from their locally attached storage, and provides dual protection to all Mac users. With this new product, Acronis brings its award-winning and market-leading personal backup and recovery technology to the Apple® Mac® environment and extends its secure and complete new generation data protection from Windows to OS X® users.

Dual protection is a must-have protection which empowers users to back up and store their data both locally and in the Acronis cloud, offering them peace of mind that their digital life is protected and accessible anytime, anywhere. Unlike other solutions, Acronis True Image for Mac provides a complete copy of the entire system, applications, user data and settings which are backed up locally and online, ensuring efficient and reliable recovery in case of a system issue, malfunction or hard drive failure.

Also exclusive to Acronis True Image for Mac is its ability to back up and restore a Parallels Desktop virtual machine in its active state, ensuring that users can easily recover their whole system exactly as it was with all Windows applications, documents and settings restored.

“The new Acronis True Image for Mac brings a new level of support and data protection to Parallels Desktop 9 users who are running Windows environments on Macs”, said Birger Steen, CEO of Parallels.

“With so many households using Mac operating systems, we’ve been working towards providing our Windows PC market-leading solution to Apple Mac users offering them the same level of complete protection for their digital lives at home and in the Acronis cloud. We are tremendously excited to announce this offering today”, said Nat Maple, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Global Consumer Business, Acronis. “With Acronis True Image for Mac, we’ve established Acronis as the de facto leading provider of full system image backups with dual protection for Apple Macs users.”

Acronis True Image for Mac Features:
• Full system Image backup and recovery, both locally and to the Acronis cloud
• Recovery of a complete Mac image or just the specific files or folders you require
• Advanced Parallels Desktop support, backup and recover Parallels machines in their active state
• Smart backup scheduling including automatic backups
• Personal Key Encryption for improved privacy of data
• Recovery media creation
• Versioning and incremental backups
• A unique but familiar user interface specifically designed for Mac OS X Users

Acronis True Image for Mac can be customised for each individual user’s needs, including allowing the user to decide where their data is stored, locally and/or to the Acronis cloud. Acronis True Image for Mac has the unique ability to backup Windows virtual machines running in Parallels Desktop, even when the virtual machine is running, ensuring a complete backup of all data. Acronis True Image for Mac is designed for any Mac computer running OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 or Mavericks 10.9.

Acronis True Image for Mac also detects Time Capsule as an optional storage destination and combines the benefits of both solutions.

With this new product launch, the Acronis AnyData Engine provides full data protection to Mac computers from any disaster by ensuring a safe and automatic Mac restoration if needed.

Availability & Pricing:
Acronis True Image for Mac 1 license is available for an MSRP of A$69.99. Acronis True Image for Mac 3 licenses is available for an MSRP of A$99.99. Acronis Cloud storage options start at A$59.99/year or A$5.99/month for 250GB.

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