Published on October 22nd, 2014 | by Simon Black

Skylanders Trap Team PS4 Review

Skylanders Trap Team PS4 Review Simon Black

Summary: Skylanders Trap Team successfully implements new gameplay mechanics to make this one of the best games to date


They're back!

Skylanders Trap Team
Format – PlayStation 4 (reviewed), XBox One, PS3, XBox 360 & Wii-U
Game Genre – Action & Adventure
Rating – G
Game Developer – Toys for Bob
Game Publisher – Activision
Reviewer – Simon Bourke

Skylanders are back and this time Impulse Gamer checks out the latest game on the PlayStation 4 console entitled Skylanders Trap Team that once again links real-world action figures with video gaming. The game is also aimed at the younger player and thankfully Activision and developers Toys for Bob have not cut any corners when it comes to the gameplay or story of this current and entertaining Skylanders title.


So with that said, it is an all-ages game but the only catch that parents need to be wary about is the potential cost of this game because in order to expand this gaming universe, the player must purchase additional action figures but it does expand the replay value of the title. Nonetheless, it’s an extremely fun way to play, especially when you have some friends over.

The starter pack for this current version of Skylanders includes the following items;

  • 1-Skylanders trap Team Game
  • 1-Traptanium™ Portal
  • 2-Skylanders Figures
  • 2-Traps
  • 1-Character Collector Poster
  • 2-Sticker Sheets with Secret Codes
  • 2-Trading Cards

For around $79AUD (Oct 2014), the starter pack is definitely value for money and is a full game that once again revolves around the villain Kaos who has blown up the walls of Cloudcracker Prison and freed some of the most dastardly enemies to date. It is up to the player or players to help defeat all these villains and once again bring peace to the denizens of these mystic lands. The story is well-written and voiced with some really amusing humour thrown into the mix with a couple of great innuendos for older gamers.

Also like previous Skylanders games, each figure has their own pros and cons which adds to the collector element of the game because depending on which figure you put on the Traptanium Portal, they will play slightly differently. Consider it the western equivalent of Pokémon! With that said, you can use your existing Skylanders action figures, including their current levels but if you want to maximise the experience, the new figures do open up additional areas and gameplay features.


At its core, Skylanders Trap Team is basically an action adventure game with a true arcade feel to it that requires the player to explore these colourful lands and of course engage in a variety of enemies. However the highlight of this premise is that you can swap your characters at any time with the real-world figures you own which is ideal when their health is getting lower. It should also be mentioned that the action figures look quite detailed so it could be quite easy falling into the trap of collecting them all because of how cool they look.

Besides the main campaign, the title even boasts some fun activities outside this that includes Doom Challenge and the Arena which offers additional gameplay activities that is great for fleshing out the abilities of your Skylanders. The combat is a little bit of a button smash but there are tactics involved, especially when fighting the bosses and certain enemies. Nonetheless, the combat is fun and offers some fun challenges.


However the core mechanics of this current game is the ability to insert traps onto the portal which in turn captures and then control your enemies which definitely changes how the game is played. The best aspect about this gameplay feature is that you can play bosses as well which definitely increases the overall enjoyment factor of Skylanders Trap Team. I also love the special effects employed by the developers when you’ve trapped a character because their voice moves from the TV to the portal. The enemies that you capture also allow the player to engage in side-quests in order to redeem their “evil” ways and help bring order back to the realm of Skylanders.

In terms of completion, most gamers will be able to finish this title in around 10 – 12 hours but if you want to find all the bonuses and explore the areas fully in order to the master the game, you could easily add quite a few weeks on top of this. The controls have also been well mapped on the PS4 DualShock controller which feels quite sturdy and responsive. Given that, the game does feel like a well-made action adventure game as you explore the world of Skylanders and challenge, defeat and control a variety of enemies. Add in a relatable story for kids with some great one-liners for the older gamer and the developers should be commended in creating such an enjoyable game.



Graphically, Skylanders Trap Team is a good looking game on the PS4 with some beautifully designed gaming environments that looks like a Saturday morning cartoon come to life. Both the Skylanders and enemies are well animated and the environment compliments the gameplay. The voice acting is over the top but quite professional and the sound effects and graphics really enhance the overall gaming experience of this current Skylanders title.

Final Thoughts?

Skylanders Trap Team is a well made arcade action title that successfully incorporates real-world action figures into the gameplay flawlessly. Sure, there may be additional costs but the starter pack gives players everything they need to complete the game. Even so, additional action figures are relatively quite affordable and just add increased gameplay value to the title.

Key Features

Traptanium Portal™ – Place the Skylanders on the NEW Traptanium Portal ™ and bring the Skylanders to life

Trap Master Skylanders – Trap Master Skylanders are the ultimate trappers with powerful Traptanium™ weapons

All New Skylanders – The Skylanders each have their own unique abilities and powers

Traps – Defeat and capture villains in the Traps and then use the villains on the side of good

Character Collector Poster – Build the ultimate Trap Team – Over 60 Skylanders to collect and 40+ villains to capture

Sticker Sheets with Secret Codes – Enjoy stickers of your favourite Skylanders. Place the names and codes on the Character Collect Poster to track your collection. The secret codes can be used in the Skylanders Lost Islands ™and Skylanders Collection Vault ™Apps

Trading Cards – Learn more about each Skylander’s powers and abilities


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