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Bang On Balls: Chronicles PS4 Review

Bang On Balls: Chronicles PS4 Review Tory Favro

Summary: A surprisingly fun wholesome game for the kids and older gamers



 This game is massive!

At first, I thought I would not enjoy Bang On Balls: Chronicles. It seemed a little bit too childish to really get me going, but I’m glad to report that I most certainly was wrong. In terms of value for money, this would be one of the better titles to pick up, especially for younger players . The amount of things that you can do, see, and collect is utterly stunning and a lot of fun.

The graphics are bright and cheerful, with a catchy soundtrack to boot. The Bob, being the main character who you play as, has been well-designed and responds well in game. There are so many things to do! We really could not possibly begin to cover everything that is in this fun game, but rest assured that you and your younger players are going to have a lot of fun. Whilst there is combat, it is so ridiculously friendly that you will laugh out loud. The game can be played solo but is also a ton of fun being played Co-op.

The premise of the game is that there is a hub world that looks like it is a studio with bright screens that you travel through to go to each of the parts of the game world. Loosely based on historical events, and by that I mean very loosely, you’ll have objectives to perform in each of the worlds that you were playing your way through. Basically the idea is to make your way through each world collecting things or fighting the enemies that are available. There is a health bar, but you do not have to watch too carefully as the game is a fun challenge, not a difficult one. Bob is fun to control and can smash his way through most things in the environment with his attacks which are well thought out and simple to initiate.

Look around carefully within the environment that you’re playing, and you can find all sorts of cool, cosmetic items and power ups that are fun to use, letting Bob fly, use special weapons and ultimately look amazing. At the end of each level as you would expect with these sorts of games, you have a ultimate boss to fight and these are a little bit trickier than the others that you may face during the general game itself. The nice thing is that you are not sent all the way back to the beginning and you’re put right back into the battle only losing some of your currency that you collect during the game. This too can be re-collected if you can get back to your tombstone before dying. If you do, don’t worry too much, there’s plenty of ways to collect the in game currency.

It’s been awhile since there has been a game that is just wholesome fun like this and I’m sure you’ll all enjoy it. Some of the cooperative play can get a little bit frantic and overwhelming for younger players but overall it is a fun experience. Just be aware that the camera sometimes does get a little bit wonky and doesn’t follow you quite the way you might like. This is easily corrected and in truth this was the only issue I found throughout the entire game. 

Final Thoughts?

Bang on Balls: Chronicles is a fun game that should provide you with hours of laughter. Playing solo I managed to knock it over fairly promptly, but I think if you were a completionist it would take substantially longer. Give it a shot, you may be surprised just how much you enjoy Bang on Balls: Chronicles.


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