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Voltron Defender of the Universe PS3 Review - -
Voltron Defender of the Universe
Reviewed by
Michael Riling
Voltron Defender of the Universe PS3 Review I feel sorry for Voltron fans, they never get video games and when they finally get one it feels like a cheap and rushed little bit of fan service.

Gameplay 5.0
Graphics 4.5
Sound 5.0
Value 7.0
Developer: Behaviour Interactive
Review Date:
Dec 2011
Michael Riling


Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Voltron: Defender of the Universe  is an action-adventure game for Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network.   The gameís main selling feature is the fact that it is based off the old Voltron TV series from the 80ís and itís low price of ten dollars.  However, is the game worth even the low price of ten dollars?  Well that all depends on how hardcore a Voltron fan you are. 

This gameís main flaw is the fact that it hasnít aged well at all.  While playing the game I couldnít help but wonder why it wasnít on the Nintendo 64 or the Gamecube.   Fans of the series will be amused to see cutscenes from the TV show and to hear little lines from the show throughout, but other than the nostalgia factor the game really doesnít perform well in a modern day.   Cute one-liners like ĎVoltron will return after these messagesí when you pause the game might be silly and amusing, but a one-liner wonít sell a game.   Seeing the clips of the show for each cutscene seemed cool and a nice idea at first, but eventually one starts to feel like the game looks way too old.  It was a cool idea in concept, but in practice most gamers will be left with a big slam in the face reminding them of how things looked and sounded back in the eighties.  We tend to remember our favorite shows as superior to how they were and being sent to watch it now it seems silly and hard to take seriously. 

Still, Iíve never been one to judge a game because of its graphics (I still play my N64 from time to time).   So letís move onto the gameplay.  This is a tough area to judge because some parts are fun time-killers, but at the same time it seems so cheap and weak.  While playing the game I couldnít help but mention that it felt like I was playing Galaxian and other vertical scrolling shooters with Voltron just tossed on top.   This got even worse when I made it to the first space mission and realized that the gameplay was literally a copy-paste from the old 1942 Capcom Arcade game.   You had the Ďbomb whole screení move, the Ďdo an aerial 360 to dodge moveí, everything.    Still, those old games were fun so while it seems like nothing special it still gives some decent gameplay.  The ground missions also have a few bonuses that make it a little different like special attacks, melees, and pouncing, but the space missions are identical.  If you donít mind playing a game that is identical and nothing new or unique then this isnít too bad.  However if you were hoping for something that felt more like Voltron and wasnít just a simple model swap youíll be disappointed. 

The game wouldnít be Voltron without, well, Voltron; and sure enough the original giant robot is in this game, but only for boss fights.   Sadly, playing as Voltron is probably one of the worst parts about the game.  These boss fights are simple, stupid, and mostly a chance to just say ĎWe put Voltroní in the game.  It almost seems like the creators forced these scenes in and they donít play at all like any of the other game and arenít even very fun.   The Boss fights start with you in your Lion shooting a bit before finally transforming, however, the transforming is a simple button flick when it gives you a prompt and it all comes down to a quick time event.  Once youíve transformed it turns into a turn based system where you pick an attack, press a button, and watch.  When defending you simple press whatever button it says and you block and counter the boss.  Itís boring, itís simple, and itís easy.  You donít feel like the powerful Voltron, you feel like you are watching a cutscene where you just press a button. 

The sound is nothing memorable to the point where I canít even recall anything special about it.  Some games have music that engages you, gets you in the mood, and you remember the great soundtracks.  Voltron, however, simple just throws in sound so you arenít muted.  Youíll hear the sounds of bullets, things blowing up, and the occasional one liner, but thatís about all you will remember.  The one-liners when you pause and unpause the game are probably the best part about the sound. 

Overall the gameís best aspect is the gameplay and thatís only because it can be a VERY short but kinda fun time-killer.  Itís nothing special, nothing new, but it still entertains.  Each Lion plays the exact same other than the visuals for their special attack and there is little reason to pick between which character you use.  If you love Voltron and just like the thought of playing a game because it is Voltron feel free to pick it up, for only ten dollars it is a rather good deal.   However, if you arenít a Voltron fan, save your ten dollars since it is nothing special and there are quite a few other choices.   I feel sorry for Voltron fans, they never get video games and when they finally get one it feels like a cheap and rushed little bit of fan service.


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