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Under Siege Enhanced Edition PS3 Review - -
Under Siege Enhanced Edition
Reviewed by
Michael Riling
Under Siege Enhanced Edition PS3 Review. Hardcore RTS fans wonít find the game to be very good unless they look at it as a new type of game as opposed to an RTS, and casual gamers will find they can play and enjoy the game even without being fans of RTSís.

Gameplay 8.0
Graphics 8.0
Sound 6.0
Value 9.0
Developer: Seed Studios
Review Date:
Mar 2012
Michael Riling


Under Siege: Enhanced Edition

Under Siege: Enhanced Edition is an interesting game to classify based on genre. While it is technically an RTS game, calling it such would give the wrong idea of what it is. Under Siege is not your typical RTS and fans of the genre might be a little disappointed by it due to the many differences. Thatís not to say that Under Siege is not a good game, just to say that itís different and doesnít fit into the genre it is classified as.

First off, Under Siege differs in the fact that many levels are short, quick, and there are no resource gathering or large scale battles. Most of the levels are quick action-packed levels where the game comes across more as a hack-and-slash than as a tactical game. In fact, very rarely in the game will you actually use tactics outside of picking what units to use for each level. The lack of strategy is why classifying it as a real time strategy game is odd. The game will appeal to many who just want to pick up the game, move their units around, and have them fight as opposed to normal RTS fans who like to build their armies, move them around, and plan tactics and combat.

Your units level up as you use them which means the death of a unit can turn out pretty badly, even more so if you spent lots of money upgrading and leveling them up. The permanent loss of units and inability to build any during combat is one of the roughest parts of the game because losing units early on means that future levels will become nearly impossible. Gold can only be gained in battle and recruiting units cost gold. As such, a particularly devastating level could force you to completely restart when you find yourself lacking in power for later missions in the storyline.

Speaking of units, the game only features nine different types of units, though the small scale battles means more often than not it comes down to picking which units to use rather than picking how many. This is another item that will deter normal RTS fans, but might attract those that want a smaller simpler game.

However, if one looks at Under Siege as its own game and ignores the genre it has quite a few redeeming and valuable characteristics. The game gives you a lot for such a low price and as such is a great deal. It features multiplayer, a campaign mode, and the ability to create your own custom levels for those that want to add more depth than the normal mode provides. Along with that it is surprisingly impressive considering the game is on a console. I donít mean that to bash consoles, I love them, but simply put an RTS on a console seems like an impossible idea. When I first heard it was an RTS on a console I was expecting the controls to be horrible, but instead they are precise, easy to use, and give a good range of functionality to them. Honestly, the controls and gameplay are probably one of the best aspects about the game; a surprisingly feat to pull off. I never had a hard time controlling which unit, using their special abilities, or attacking a certain group.

The graphics are rather simple with cutscenes down as stills with a text box at the bottom. Gameplay graphics are up to par and fit on the PS3 though arenít super flash or complex. As such it fits a nice middle ground of using the PS3ís graphics, but not going super high definition or crazy. In a game like this that is fine since it keeps the price at an amazing deal.

The sound, however, gets to be a bit annoying. The background music is barely noticeable to the point that I canít even say for sure it exist. The only sounds that I remember are the grunts and cries of a unit that happens almost every time it takes damage. It uses the same grunt and cry for a unit too which means you will hear it every few seconds which can get annoying very fast.

Overall, the game is definitely worth the price and will provide some good entertainment. Hardcore RTS fans wonít find the game to be very good unless they look at it as a new type of game as opposed to an RTS, and casual gamers will find they can play and enjoy the game even without being fans of RTSís. As such the game fits a nice niche along with an amazing price. If a person can look past a few flaws then they should find an enjoyable game for a low price.

Michael Riling


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