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Time Crisis Razing Storm PS3 Review - -

Gameplay 7.0
Graphics 8.0
Sound 7.5
Value 7.0
Distributor: Sony
Review Date:
Dec 2010
Michael Marsh


Time Crisis Razing Storm

Going back to the glory days of light guns, Time Crisis Razing Storm merges this traditional shooting genre with the latest PlayStation Move technology that creates an interesting hybrid that works on some levels and misses on others. The biggest problem with just about all the light gun games on the PlayStation 2 and 3 were the finishing times.

Most gamers could easily knock over the game in a few hours of fun which really limited the replay value of the title. However, the developers of Time Crisis Razing Storm have done something interesting by releasing three games in one. That's right, this game contains three "light gun" games that include Time Crisis 4, Deadstorm Pirates and Time Crisis: Razing Storm. Pretty cool hey?

In its essence, the games are almost duplicates of the original arcade gun games that has the player using a realistic gun on an almost endless number of enemies as they run towards you, jump up from boxes and other nasty hiding places. Just imagine those good old fashioned police training simulators and that's basically what the Time Crisis series is all about. Even Time Crisis 4 has already been released on the console before, this version is a straight port of the arcade as you take on a number of deadly terrorists.

In relation to Time Crisis Razing Storm, it pits you against more terrorists but in terms of graphics and indestructible environments, this game is far superior in that sense. Shoot, cover, reload and then repeat. Even though the formula is quite simplistic, it's actually some mindless entertainment that is a great way to spend a couple of hours if you're bored. My favourite game in this release which has been mirrored by many critics and reviewers is Deadstorm Pirates.

As opposed to the futuristic world of Time Crisis, this game pits you against a variety of sea nasties from pirates to undead skeletons and some really cool sea monsters. Imagine Pirates of the Caribbean meet the world of light gun games and that's what Deadstorm Pirates is all about. Deadstorm Pirates does however limit you to one weapon but it;s the atmosphere and enemies that makes it so entertaining to play.

Given that, the stories of all three games are quite ridiculous but the cutscenes are quite entertaining to watch and it really draws you in. As you attempt to defeat your enemies and ensure that your health is kept high, you have a score system and every successfully shot, boosts that score up.

There is even a combo system that allows for some higher scores but just like most of these light gun games, once you have finished it, the replay value does diminish. On a conservative side, most players could easily complete all three games in around two to three hours. It's fun but unfortunately the replay value is a little low.

In terms of controls, there are a plethora of ways to play this game. The game does support the standard PS3 controller which is a little boring and quite inaccurate or you can use an official light gun product (GunCon 3) or the new PlayStation Move controller, provided you have the gun attachment for it. We tested all three controllers but for accuracy, the PlayStation Move controller is definitely the way to go.

Sometimes you have to wiggle your controller to perform a different manoeuvre but all in all, it's quite a sturdy control system.  The only downside to the game is Time Crisis Razing Storm that is a pseudo first person shooter experience and this can be quite frustrating at times as you move the controller off screen to move your character or you can combine it with the DualShock. 

It's all quite messy and in my personal opinion, it's better if the game done all the navigation with only a few basic choices for the player. Then you have the cover system and boss battles which sometimes adds to your frustration and controller rage!

Graphically, all three titles look fairly decent, although at times a little dated. Deadstorm Pirates is once again the highlight because it takes the player away from the familiar universe of Time Crisis. The characters are well animated as are the boss battles with their outrageous weaponry and manoeuvres. Add in some over the top and clichéd voice acting and this is what most people know from the Time Crisis series. It may not win any awards for originality but its graphics and sound setup is still thoroughly entertaining.

In the end, there are two enjoyable games in Time Crisis: Razing Storm, Deadstorm Pirates and Time Crisis 4. Time Crisis: Razing Storm is fun in certain places but its annoying control system was definitely not thoroughly tested and will leave you quite frustrated. It's a great idea that all three games were bundled together and more importantly because of the Move technology, hopefully we'll see some more entertaining "light gun" games in the near future. Time Crisis: Razing Storm is like a Hollywood block muster movie, it's great while you're there but ultimately forgettable the next day.


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