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Street Fighter x Tekken PS3 Review - -
Street Fighter x Tekken
Reviewed by
James Wright
Street Fighter x Tekken PS3 Review. Street Fighter x Tekken may not have pushed the genre too much but at the end of the day, it offers an honest fighter that most gamers will enjoy!

Gameplay 9.0
Graphics 9.0
Sound 6.5
Value 9.0
Distributor: THQ
Review Date:
Mar 2012
James Wright


Street Fighter x Tekken

Following the success of the Marvel vs. Street Fighter, CAPCOM have done the unthinkable and brought together two of the world's most popular fighters... the colourful brawlers of Street Fighter and the Iron Fist Fighters from Tekken.

However unlike the 3D environments of the Tekken, our favourite Tekken characters fight in the faux 3D (2D) gaming arenas and if you enjoyed the Street Fighter games, than this new edition to the franchise is definitely up there with the best. Without a doubt, this is the game that fans have been clamouring for!

The game itself is reminiscent of the excellent Super Street Fighter IV title which has almost identical gaming mechanics. There are a handful of gaming modes that include arcade (local/net), versus, network, training and challenge, there's also a character customisation area. In this area you can modify your characters quick combos, character colours and their gems which we'll get to a little later.

Like all fighting games, the Street Fighter series is easy to play yet difficult to master so new comers to this game may have a steep learning curve, especially due to all the various moves that each character has. However upon loading the game, the title will prompt you to enter the tutorial mode which will teach you the basics of mastering this title. Also for those newbies are special assists that can help give you a slight edge.

Another difference with Street Fighter x Tekken compared to "other" fighters is that it supports a tag team fighting system which allows you to call in another fighter on your team and then swap them with your existing character. Undeniably this adds a new level of strategy to your fights, especially if you're getting whipped.

This two on two system is a little like wrestling so if one of your characters gets KO'ed, your team is then out of the count. Then you have the gem system in the game which offers your characters additional bonuses such as increasing someone's defensive or offensive. These gems also have levels such as Iron Wall Level 2 or Divine Speed Level 1. Characters can have a total of up to 3 gems, however like all things in Street Fighter, they must be earned with your fighting prowess. They are also pretty damn cool to use which makes collecting them very addictive.

Apart from the snazzy graphics which are quite cartoon-like in appearance compared to Tekken, the almost perfect control system of the game is why Street Fighter x Tekken plays so well. If you have never played a Street Fighter game before, the tutorial mode is the best place to start as it teaches you the ins and outs of the fighting mechanic.

For more advanced tuition, Trials are great for fine tuning your skills as it challenges the players to perform basic and advanced combos. Fortunately you can access the move list for your characters which explains the chain of buttons required to do a certain manoeuvre and with three different kicks and punches plus a variety of jumps, combos and special moves at your ready, it's easy to get lost in the diversity of the game, especially with the inclusion of gems. Online is equally as fun and I love how the arcade mode will allow other players to join in. This mirror the original arcade aspect quite well.

Graphically, the title is a good looking title on the PS3 and all the characters mimic their perspective universes well, especially the Tekken characters. It's quite cool seeing the Tekken character move in this world and even more important is that their super moves have also made the journey to this game. With that said, all the characters move with a catlike grace and the backgrounds are well animated. The only downside is the horrible music in the game. Yuck!

Final Thoughts?

Although the game is not Tekken, CAPCOM have done a good job at porting these characters to the Street Fighter franchise and if you're hankering for a decent fighter, than you should definitely check out Street Fighter x Tekken which is the best fun I've had since... err... Ultimate Street Fighter vs Marvel. It may not have pushed the genre too much but at the end of the day, it offers an honest fighter that most gamers will enjoy!


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