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Sniper: Ghost Warrior PS3 Review - -

Gameplay 6.9
Graphics 7.0
Sound 7.5
Value 6.8
Distributor: AFA Interactive
Review Date:
June 2011
James Wright


Sniper: Ghost Warrior

As opposed to games such as Crysis 2, Duke Nukem Forever or Bulletstorm, City Interactive's Sniper: Ghost Warrior is a much more grounded game. There are no over the top action sequences in this game (not that there's wrong with that) but rather, Sniper: Ghost Warrior focuses on realism as the player takes the role of a sniper as they attempt to eliminate their victims with their sniper rifle. Given that, you cannot just run around with guns blazing as you need to ensure that you are hidden throughout the majority of the game and without stealth, the game becomes quite a frustrating experience. However not all the game is about stealth and certain situations require you to get rather close to your enemies.

The formulaic story of Sniper: Ghost Warrior has the player and his partner being sent to a hot spot in the world in order to prevent this republic from breaking out into civil war. Simple hey? Not really, you need to ensure that the rebels are assisted in removing this new despot in their country. With that said, the story does take a back seat to the gameplay as you explore this diverse gaming environment. Even though the game is quite linear, there is quite a bit of exploration available to the player as you walk through jungles and buildings to complete your missions.

Similar to the Tom Clancy games, your sniper has a stealth meter on the gaming hud which warns you when you're being too frivolous such as being too noisy or being out in the open. It's definitely a much needed feature to this game but it also puts a gaming chastity belt around you in terms of freedom. Given that,enemies can be taken out three ways. The simplest method is using your sniper rifle or if things get too messy, you have quick access to your knife and finally, the alternative is to sneak around them.

AI is too alert in this game and they are employing some heightened force powers to search out your character. Even when I've been absolutely silent and using all my Tom Clancy stealth skills, they have somehow pin pointed in a crowded environment that is filled with foliage. Then on other occasions, they seem to ignore your shots as their team mates drop one by one. It's these inconsistencies that make Sniper: Ghost Warrior a little unpolished.

One issue with the combat and this is similar to those hunting games is that if you make too much noise or alert the enemy of your whereabouts, it's pretty much game over and you'll need to reload. I can appreciate the fact City Interactive have leaned towards a realistic game but sometimes the AI is just too good or they have Superman hearing and vision.

However, thankfully this realistic approach means that generally one shot by your sniper rifle which fell your opponent. You do need the patience when you use your sniper rifle though because you need to take into account the wind and even your breathing to ensure that your shot is not wasted. It's actually not that complex because there is a tutorial level at the start of the game to teach you the ins and outs of being a sniper. The rest is then up to the player.

A cool aspect about using the sniper rifle is that the developers have incorporated bullet-time for your bullets so when you successfully hit your target, the camera follow the bullets which looks quite impressive as your victim gets violently thrust back with a stream of blood.

Although the controls have been well mapped on the DualShock controller, there are some issues with the control which is more a graphical issue. The graphics of Sniper: Ghost Warrior are not bad for a smaller gamer company but it does look a tad dated at times. The environments are quite busy as well such as the jungles that you navigate. Unfortunately there is some clipping issues and on a few occasions, I did get stuck between a rock and hard place but more specifically a rock and a tree. Given that, not all the physics of the game work well with the gaming environment and your movement does look a little awkward at time.

Graphically, Sniper: Ghost Warrior is not the nicest looking game available and as this game has been out for awhile on the XBox 360 and PC, it does look like a first generation game for the PlayStation 3. Although there is some detail in the game, textures look a little lacklustre and character models are too Spartan. If the game was released three years ago as of today, it would have received a higher score. It is not helped by the stiff animation either. Sound effects however are well used in the game, especially the sound of your sniper rifle going off.

In the end, Sniper: Ghost Warrior is unfortunately a mediocre first person shooter strategy game that attempts to breach the world of realism with its no frills action and realistic content. It's just a shame that the game isn't as polished as many of the modern releases today such as Call of Duty: Black ops or Crysis 2. These are unfortunately the bench mark of first person shooter games today and all other companies must try to reach this benchmark. Yes, we did mention Duke Nukem Forever early in the review but even though that didn't have the graphics of Black ops or Crysis 2, it had character and a hell of a lot of charm. Check this game out as a rental before you buy.


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