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Silent Hill HD Collection PS3 Review - -
Silent Hill HD Collection
Reviewed by
Tory Favro
Silent Hill HD Collection PS3 Review. So be kind and remember the legacy behind this title and proceed with caution, a great and horrifying story awaits.

Gameplay 7.0
Graphics 7.0
Sound 7.0
Value 8.0
Distributor: Mindscape
Review Date:
April 2012
Tory Favro


Silent Hill HD Collection

10 years ago, I was lucky enough to review one of the games in this collection, namely Silent Hill 2. If your curiosity gets the better of you, you can visit this old hack's review right here:

You done that? OK great. So let's quickly jump into this review so you can make your own mind up whether or not you buy this game.

This collection contains the games Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3. Both have had the overhaul required to make them HD and repackaged so that us older gamers can go on about how good games were back in the day. Does it succeed in doing this? Let's take a look at things and see for ourselves.
I guess I should start this off by saying that back in the day I scored Silent Hill 2 a solid 9.5/10. It was then, and remains today, one of the scariest titles that I have ever played. Even playing it through today was a chilling experience that gave me thrills and spills that were fond reminders of why I enjoyed this title so much back then.

This updated version of the title offers you graphics that will work on modern systems and surprisingly enough, two voice over options. Fans of the game found the audio to be a little hokey years ago, so they've recorded the voice parts again. I found the dialogue to be well done but there were utterly major sync issues between the audio,  the characters mouths moving, and confusingly enough the subtitles. It might have just been my setup, but I doubt it. Add to that when James stops to catch his breath, it sounds like something raspy and metallic trying to wheeze through the game.
The other game on this disc, Silent Hill 3 only contains the original soundtrack which works perfectly in my opinion.

Both titles look pretty neat on modern displays. The fog in Silent Hill 2 truly comes to life in this edition, and textures are nicely rendered. The monsters in both editions were well done in the first place so it was mainly a case of making them playable now. The degree of success regarding this is unfortunately somewhat debatable.
Whilst I enjoyed this game back when it first came out, it was a very mixed experience for me as of course in the interim I've been lucky enough to play all sorts of games across a variety of systems in the last ten years. 
This game in the here and now plays like you are a tank. An awkward one. And Silent Hill 3 isn't much better. I struggled with the camera angles, aiming weapons and general movement across both games. It was an awkward frustrating experience that both disorientates and annoys. I could get through the games but it was a matter of working through what we would only consider glitches or faults now. For a young gamer who didn't have a history with this title,  sadly I honestly don't think they will enjoy one iota of what this collection has to offer unless they approach it with a very open mind. Which of course I would hope that they do.

Silent Hill 3 also has lag issues, especially when dealing with large open environments. I'm not sure why but it does get in the way of gameplay at times and proves frustrating at others. The story remains fantastic, and Heather is still a good hero, as is James. The titles just play awkwardly to the point that the storyline is affected.
The collection is also rounded out by the option provided in the collectors edition of Silent Hill 2 that allows you to play the storyline from the viewpoint of Maria, also from the game. It's a good edition and one that adds a lot more value to your purchase.

I guess that ultimately takes us to the question; Is this title worth buying? 
I would say that the answer would have to be yes, most definitely. Us older gamers will love the chance to go back to a game that was truly a breakthrough for it's time. It's still scary as all get out and filled with the most eerie environments ever seen in a video game, at least in my opinion. The audio is creepy and a true character in itself so make sure your sound system is up to snuff before embarking on this journey. You won't be disappointed. A friendly note to younger gamers would be simply this: Be kind to this game and give it a chance. Both titles on this collection are what made the games that you enjoy now so good. A lot of them wouldn't have the edge that you take for granted if it wasn't for Silent Hill. So be kind and remember the legacy behind this title and proceed with caution, a great and horrifying story awaits.


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