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Resistance 3 PS3 Review - -
Resistance 3
Reviewed by
Tory Favro
Resistance 3 PS3 Review. From the single player to multiplayer experience, this title is so immersive that gamers could find themselves getting lost within this game world for months to come.

Gameplay 9.0
Graphics 8.5
Sound 8.5
Value 9.0
Publisher: Sony
Review Date:
Sep 2011
Tory Favro


Resistance 3

Wow what a game! I have loved the Resistance series from the very beginning, so I must confess that I was stoked that I was getting to review this title for 

For those of you who might not be in the know, Resistance was the first major shooter for the PS3 in my opinion and told the tale of how a man named Nathan Hale took the fight to the alien invaders, called the Chimera and nearly won. I really donít want to give too much away regarding the first two Resistance games, but allow me to advise you that it would be a great idea to finish both the first and second before jumping on here. You donít have to and it wonít affect gameplay at all, but the story is a great one that is only nodded to by way of flashbacks. 

Insomniac, the developer for the first two games is onboard for this also, and itís a fitting tribute to them and all the work that must have gone into the making of it. Itís an honest to goodness game that should help Sony sell consoles, itís just that awesome. 

In this title you play the role of Joseph Capelli, a resistance fighter who despite his misgivings is escorting Dr Malikov to close a wormhole that is over the city of New York. Of course Earth is in tatters and pretty much crumbled under the very alien Chimera heel. The human presence is marginal now, and unlike the previous games where you were sometimes part of an actual proper military effort against the invaders, this time the most backup you get it in terms of rag tag fighters just like yourself trying to last another day. 

This game gets you into the action pretty quickly with updated weapons and gui amongst other details. Movement and control is a dream come true with what feel like extremely realistic weapon sounds and feedback. Itís hard to say it for a game, but it honest to god feels like you are holding the weapons you are using. Nothing ever feels ďfakeĒ. There is of course the obligatory opening where you will baby sat through how to use a weapon, then you get spoon fed new guns through the game that are a hell of a lot of fun to play with. 

Something neat that has been brought in for this game is the way that your weapon upgrades itself the more you use it and do certain things with it. This can make already fantastic guns even more devastating. Itís somewhat a challenge to learn how to use them on the fly but when you do get the hang of them itís pretty darn impressive. 

As much as this game totally kicks butt in terms of gameplay, graphics and sound, something that utterly makes it the 9 that it is, is the storyline. Definitely nodding at what has come before, but embracing the now with a passion, the story will have you eagerly playing through to find out just what the hell comes next. Scripted sequences such as an encounter with a Goliath in the middle of a river are utterly jaw dropping in both they way they are shown and the sheer connection you feel with the game and the characters. Itís pretty quick in the piece that you feel protective about your character Joe and I noted with interest that I still felt that connection despite cutscenes showing him talking and interacting with other NPCís in the third person. Heís a guy that is just trying to do the right thing, even if it means dying in order to give his son the Earth he should be living in as opposed to the hell they are actually in. 

Graphically this game is breathtaking to look at, and the soundscape is amazing for those of you who have a good audio setup. There are numerous moments when a sound will have you frantically searching the screen, wheeling about wildly waiting for an attack. The entire production is an amazingly well put together project that just begs to be played. 

One thing I loved with this title is 2 player split screen co-op. Being able to play this title with a friend is a lot of fun and I must admit I prefer a split screen co-op mode to an online mode. It is a saving grace for those of us who might not have fast enough connections. Of course for those of us who do, Resistance has an utterly thriving multiplayer section that has embraced a lot of what has worked for other titles such as COD and adapted it to this game admirably well. There is enough meat in the online sandwich that I would be utterly amazed to see a lack of online activity in the title any time over the next 12 months or so. The ability system makes the game compelling, and the stuff that your character can do with those abilities will have you coming back for more. 

Resistance 3 is one of those well rounded games that players will be clamouring at their mates to buy. In fact, I guess this review is clamouring for you to buy it too. I loved it and frankly could not find fault with it. From the single player to multiplayer experience, this title is so immersive that gamers could find themselves getting lost within this game world for months to come. Go buy it as soon as you can, you wonít regret it. 

Tory Favro 


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