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Prison Break the Conspiracy PS3 Review - -

Gameplay 7.0
Graphics 8.5
Sound 8.5
Value 7.0
Distributor: QVS
Review Date:
April 2010
Tyrone Williams


Prison Break the Conspiracy

Season one of Prison Break was probably one of the most original and innovative TV Series to land on our screens. It revolved around Michael Schofield (Wentworth Miller), the “hero” of the series who purposely committed a bank robbery and allowed himself to be caught in order to be sentenced to Fox River Penitentiary. Why? Because his older brother Lincoln (Linc) was on death row for a crime that he did no commit and was setup by a secret agency called the “Company”.

The key to the series was that Michael Schofield had tattooed the entire architectural plans of Fox River Penitentiary on his body in order to stage one of the most daring prison breaks of all time. This is where the game comes into play and revolves around the first season of Prison Break with gamers controlling the mysterious Tom Paxton, a man who works for the Company and has been assigned to watch over the two brothers in order for their conspiracy to be kept quiet. Best of all, the likeness and even some of the actors lend their voices to these characters, making this a Kocher game.

The first thing that you will notice about Prison Break: The Conspiracy is the parallels to the TV series from the characters in the game that mimic their real-world actors to the locations and even the music which has been successfully created, albeit in a virtual world. In terms of gameplay, it is quite reminiscent of titles such as Metal Gear Solid and the Tom Clancy games which has you sneaking around the prison, avoiding guards, security cameras, hiding in dark places and even in lockers.

Of course, there are fights and even some acrobatics that you will be engaged in. Like the TV series and in order to get closer to your intended targets, you need to complete little missions for them and although some are quite outrageous, it suits the premise of the story. There are a few side quests along the way and you can even get involved in illegal prison fights and even bulk yourself up at the gym.

The only downside to the game is that it does become quite repetitive as you progress and you get that feeling that you’ve done it all before. There may be new locations or new characters but at its crux, Prison Break: The Conspiracy is unfortunately very shallow in terms of gameplay but that is the difficulty of mimicking a TV series, like Ubisoft’s Lost.

The control system of the game works well with the DualShock controller as you control your character Paxton with the environment as he picks locks, dodges cameras and climbs ropes. The combat engine of Prison Break is rather simplistic at the best of times as you punch and block in beating up your fellow inmates and guards.

Initially I enjoyed Prison Break because it’s quite a well-made game that is faithful to the TV series, however halfway through the game, I became disenchanted due to its repetitive nature from exploration, combat and limited puzzles. Unlike Metal Gear Solid of Tom Clancy games, the game kept throwing curve balls at you but after the first half of the game, you’ve pretty much seen them all before which is a shame. It's not to say that Prison Break is a bad game, it's just lacking that final polish.

Graphically, Prison Break: The Conspiracy is almost a carbon copy of the TV series from the realistic characters who look like the actors and even the locales in the game. It’s probably one of the best game interpretations that I have seen. The only issue with the graphics is that it seems too perfect and unlike the dark and dirty world of the TV series, the game appears too clean and too perfectly constructed. However the realistic facial expressions from the characters more than makes up for this amost too perfect world. Add in some professional voice acting and at times, you could be forgiven in thinking that you are watching the TV series. Most of the characters in the game sound right, although a few are a little off but it’s nothing to scoff at.

Overall, Prison Break: The Conspiracy is a very well made game, however certain elements feel forced and contrived. Personally, I would have preferred to play Michael Schofield as opposed to Paxton who feels too fake and pushed into the franchise as a way for the gamer to interact. It is interesting that the original story of the Schofield brothers continues in the background as Paxton’s story crosses over with this one which does create a good link. However, for me, the gameplay is missing something and if they threw in some more memorable gaming moments into the game, this would have been a better experience which is a shame for such a good looking title.


  • Experience the original and best story of Prison Break through the eyes of Tom Paxton, an under-cover Company man
  • Influence the storyline of the show as you follow your own
  • Learn the answers to secrets which were never revealed in the TV show
  • Featuring the likeness and voice talents of the TV series main cast, including Wentworth Miller (Scofield),, Dominic Purcell (Burrows), Robert Knepper (T-Bag) & Amaury Nolasco (Sucre)
  • Play your favourite character in the underground fight club style Vs. mode multiplayer


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