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No More Heroes Heroes Paradise PS3 Review - -

Gameplay 7.9
Graphics 7.8
Sound 8.0
Value 7.9
Distributor: Mindscape
Review Date:
June 2011
Peter Bourke


No More Heroes
Heroes Paradise

This game was originally released on the Nintendo Wii and interesting enough, an XBox 360 and PS3 version has been available in Japan but not for us. However, this new western edition now supports the innovative PlayStation Move controls that puts it more akin to the original Wii game but more importantly, it now supports HD graphics. The protagonist of the game is Travis Touchdown, a lover of all things pop culture and a ladies man who decided one day to become an assassin. Provided he can pull himself away from porn.

What better way to become an assassin than by ordering a beam katana (ala lightsabre) and then trying to make your way up one of the world's most powerful assassination agencies. This is Travis' story as he goes on a retro-fuelled frenzy of mayhem and murder in order to get to the top and maybe score a few women along the way. When you're ranked the 11th best assassin in the world, getting to the top will definitely be a challenge.

The PS3 version of this Wii port is actually steeped in violence and black humour with lots of sexual innuendo thrown into the mix. At its gaming heart of gold, No More Heroes - Heroes Paradise is a fighting game that makes good use on the PlayStation Move controller as gamers use it like a lightsabre as they dice and slice their way through enemies. Although the game contains too many henchmen to kill, the highlight of the battles are very cool boss battles that pays homage Quentin Tarrantino's Kill Bill series from its outrageousness. The PS3 version even has new bosses as a bonus!

I mean with characters like Dr. Peace or Holly Summers, how can you go wrong? With a variety of combat moves with your beam katana, nothing is more fun than engaging in one of quick time event finishing moves after you have pummelled your health down. Apart from the beam katana, Travis does have access to other fighting methods that helps break things up a little. There's also plenty of mini-games thrown in as well and it's good to see an adult PlayStation Move game as well.

Thankfully for our porn lover Travis, he has some direction, thanks to his boss, the sexy French Sylvia Crystal who really has our anti-hero wrapped around her little finger. With that said the characters and the cutscenes and the story only enhance the "Wii" cliché gameplay but as opposed to the Wii version, the PlayStation Move version feels far more accurate.

The world of No More Heroes - Heroes Paradise is set in the fictitious (obviously) city of Santa Destroy which is where the action takes place. In this town, Travis needs to explore and engage in a variety of missions. If you're thinking that it's like Grand Theft Auto, it's actually not but there is a illusion of freedom. From missions to mini-games, side quests and even riding a motorbike, the city of Santa Destroy is ripe for the picking. By completing the games in this fictitious city, you are awarded money and unlockables. Unfortunately this is a one trick pony in terms of replay value.

Graphically, No More Heroes - Heroes Paradise is an interesting looking game on the PS3 and although it supports HD graphics, it does look a little Spartan at times, especially Santa Destroy. The highlights of the graphics are the combat scenes and the characters which look quite stylised and really help with the total immersion factor. Unfortunately certain parts look a little dated which does destroy some of the illusion. But when you see the beam katana in action, you'll be going WHOAH! Music is quit retro in this game and has this 80's arcade feel to it, including some of the sound effects. Voice acting is pure gold, from the smart-ass Travis to all the bosses and colourful characters that populate this world... not to mention sexy babes.

Having played the last No More Heroes on the Nintendo Wii, the PS3 port of No More Heroes - Heroes Paradise is actually far superior, thanks to the slight graphical overhaul and refined control system. Travis is a fun character and is easy to control due to the decent controls of the game so jumping straight into the game will pose no problem to the gamer. The only issues with the game is the sometimes repetitive gameplay and odd graphical glitches. Add in an online leaderboard, mini-games and that bloody entertaining beam katana which makes all my Star Wars fantasies come to life and No More Heroes - Heroes Paradise is the perfect game for those looking for something light.



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