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NBA 2K7 PS3 Review - -

Gameplay 8.9
Graphics 9.1
Sound 8.9
Value 8.8
Distributor: 2K
Review Date:
May 2007
Tyrone Williams



NBA 2K7 arrives on the PlayStation 3 that promises similar gaming dynamics as the XBox 360 version, however with the addition of new gameplay mechanics, this version is easily one of the better basketball games on the market at the moment thanks to its new game modes, reprogrammed artificial intelligence and amazing next generation graphics.


  • Be a Sharpshooter Ė The award winning technical achievement of 2K6 is new and vastly improved. Take complete control of all of your shots with the shot stick.

  • Run the Streets Ė Hit the street courts and showcase your playground game with completely all new streetball mode.

  • Virtual Identity Profile - Learn the play style of your friends and foes with the V.I.P. System.

  • The Association - Be the GM of your NBA team with the deepest Franchise Mode around.

  • The Online Advantage Ė 2K Sports has the best online play and the most comprehensive online feature set anywhere.

For those of you who find this type of thing important, the title has all the trappings of the real NBA and major sponsors and the like are fully represented in all their glory. I like the fact that they are featured as it helps with lending an air of authenticity to the game and also helps stadiums look like the real deal too.

The artificial intelligence in this title is something that you will have to really keep an eye on as these guys have been programmed to mimic their real life counterparts to a point that itís scary. The title has been really looked after in terms of authenticity and you will find that many of the teams actually perform in a similar manner to that real life teamís behaviours which will benefit fans of the game who take note of these things.

Going deeper into the game is the Franchise mode which lets you take over the running of a team and also helping with the selection of rookies and making sure that they fit into the team okay. This level of management is something that possibly only the hardcore basketball fans will delve into, however it is really neat that itís been included.

Also featured in the title, is a mini game that is played out with a card type interface to determine the outcomes of single games. I found that a bit hit and miss, not because it didnít work, I just didnít enjoy it that much. However it does increase the replaybilitiy of the title.

With that said, the gameplay revolves around a solid physics engine and the sheer amount of depth regarding on-ice options and various game modes. When controlling a player, everything feels just about right; he has weight and momentum, he can change directions easier when moving slower, he responds quickly and effectively to commands, and the AI is quite good for the medium difficulty levels.

Several of the features have returned, including crease control, enforcer, icon passing, and on-the-fly play-calling, and they're essentially identical to what we saw in 2k6. Still, it's always good to have them, especially because these features allow you to play at your own pace, with your own style. Being able to control the flow of the game, as well as your team's progress, is a huge benefit, and one that should appeal to any hardcore hockey fan.

The PS3 version also sports the extra use of motion sensitivity in the Sixaxis controller. You can grab control of your goalie and angle the controller to get in the correct position, and you can even line up a massive check by tilting the Sixaxis in a certain way.

However, both techniques are a bit tricky to learn and even trickier to master, which means you'll probably end up using the traditional control format. It's an intriguing option to have, certainly but it simply doesn't enhance the gameplay to another level due to the inherent complexity.

NBA 2K6 is also playable online and was a great deal of fun to play a quick game or 10 with other people from around the planet. It was the single player or just hacking around with a friend that I found to be the most rewarding overall though.

Ultimately this is a game for someone who is prepared to put the time in and really loves their basketball enough to be bothered to learn all the moves that you can do. The sheer level of attention to detail demands nothing less than this. I think that it might alienate some casual gamers but greatly reward those for whom it is intended. This is an extremely solid package from start to finish and will be a great addition to your collection.


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