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Naughty Bear PS3 Review - -

Gameplay 6.0
Graphics 4.0
Sound 7.0
Value 5.5
Distributor: AIE
Review Date:
July 2010
Michael Marsh


Naughty Bear 

There has been some great hype in the last few months revolving around this disturbing game. You only have to watch the trailers to know that Naughty Bear has some serious mental health issues. Or perhaps this game is a social commentary on the increase of bullying in schools and the workplace? Probably not! None the less, it’s fun to dissect and theorise on what were the motivations for creating this game. Unfortunately with such a cool premise, the game is let down by buggy programming that really put a dampener on the fuss.

So what is all the fuss about? Naughty Bear is like a twisted British kids TV show that stars the demented and violent Naughty Bear. Remember the game called Manhunt on the XBox 360 which got banned here? Naughty Bear is of a similar vein as you disembody your fellow teddies. The motivation behind Naughty’s unbecoming behaviour is triggered after years of being teased, ignored and bullied by his fellow teddy bears, Naughty has had enough. A reckoning has come to this world of cute stuffed teddy bears and the four horsemen of the Apocalypse have been replaced by a twisted teddy with a huge grudge.  

The concept of Naughty Bear is brilliant and I’m surprised that no games developer has thought of this idea before. Just imagine one of those cute kids’ series on TV going postal and that’s where Naughty Bear comes into the picture. Even the sickeningly sweet commentary suits the premise perfectly as he tells us of the motivations of Naughty and it’s almost like the bears split personality is talking which is a little scary in itself.  

Gameplay wise, Naughty is set in the third person view as you control him with the environment and interact with other bears… actually inflict a horrendous mayhem on them by maiming them and ripping out their stuffing's. The main goal of the game is to extract revenge on these cuddly denizens but this can be achieved in a variety of ways such as shotguns or baseball bats. It’s also great how the other teddies interact with Naughty and from your violent action, some may attempt to bring you down but for the majority, they will flee and hide. If you let too many bears see your actions or flee, some will contact the police teddies.  

Weapons are generally the primary way of dispatching the innocents… err enemies in the game, however up your sleeve, you can even use other “combat” methods such as psychological attacks. Nothing is more fun than hiding in the bushes or a locker and then scaring the absolute crap out of one of the teddies. By using the psychological method to dispose of your foes, you are awarded more points than the traditional weapon kills and it’s quite amusing to see some of the cute little teddies commit suicide from Naughty’s constant badgering.  

You can even sabotage certain items in the game, luring the bears to investigate and then “Here’s Johnny!” to finish them in an almost Mortal Kombat like way. Apart from maiming these teddies, Naughty also has a variety of objectives that he must complete before another section of the game opens. Fortunately the sections are quite small and Naughty Bear is a game best served in small amounts.  

There are however, some really annoying things about Naughty Bear on the PS3. The first part of the annoying factor is the horrible frame rate on the PS3. When the screen starts moving left or right as you control the camera, the game shutters and considering that the graphics are simplistic, it’s a wonder what on Earth the game is doing. The second part of the annoying factor is the gameplay and unfortunately after the first few areas of the game, you’ve’ pretty much seen it all when it comes to what Naughty can do. I really wanted to adore and worship this game, however these two aspects make it very difficult and it seems that further Q&A was needed on the game.  

Graphically, the title looks decent on the PS3 and is quite reminiscent of those colourful Saturday morning cartoon series, except this game has a teddy bear psychopath in it. Naughty is animated well and interacts well with the environment but every now and then, the camera angle will play havoc, especially if you’re inside a building. As you do progress, so do the enemies you face like the teddy zombies (stop rolling your eyes). The musical score of Naughty Bear sounds like an old cartoon show but it has this horror type element to it. The sound effects are fun and over the top as is the commentary that has some great one-liners about our little psycho teddy.  It's unfortunate that the graphics let the game down so much.

In the end, Naughty Teddy had the character, premise and even the story, however the gameplay needed some more polishing. If it wasn’t for the graphical stutter, I would have enjoyed Naughty Bear more but for me, it actually caused me eye strain. I was able to complete the game through the craziness of Naughty that motivated me for just one more teddy bear killing. It’s a shame that the developers didn’t spend a little extra time in perfecting what would have been a thoroughly enjoyable game.


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