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Mercury Hg PS3 Review - -
Mercury Hg
Reviewed by
Michael Riling
Mercury Hg PS3 Review. It's clever premise and unique use of the PS3's limited motion controls integrate well with the gameplay and help immerse the player.

Gameplay 9.0
Graphics 7.5
Sound 8.6
Value 10
Publisher: Ignition Entertainment
Review Date:
Nov 2011
Michael Riling


Mercury Hg

Mercury Hg is a puzzle game where you try and get a blob of mercury and have to move it from one end of the puzzle to the other end. However, you don't control the blob of mercury, you control the puzzle. Similar to those old tilting games that you would see at arcades or restaurants you tilt the PS3 controller to tilt the map and cause the blob of mercury to slid around while you try to avoid falling off the edge. The premise behind the game is rather simple, and yet the game is surprisingly addicting. I'm not a big fan of puzzle games and they tend to bore me, however, I vastly enjoyed this game's simple yet entertaining gameplay.

Mercury Hg is an action puzzle game and you will need quick reflexes and good control with the tilts and movements of the controller in order to not fall. The clever thing about the game is that since you are a semi-liquid blob of mercury you can lose pieces of yourself and still complete the level. You only lose if all your mercury falls off the edge, nonetheless you get more bonus points and goals for completing the level with 100% of your mercury. Unlike most puzzle games I've played, Mercury Hg has a large replay value due to the many goals of each level. Every puzzle has four objectives which consist of completing a level within a certain time limit, keeping all your mercury, collecting all of the pieces, and one just for winning. They are also all mutually exclusive so one time you can go for time, another you can go for 100% mercury, etc etc. If you really want to test yourself try and get all four objectives cleared in one try.

While the game might seem a simple tilt and move, it includes a few clever features that keep it a puzzle game. Some switches require your blob to be a certain color and in order to change color you have to get to a specific device on the map that will recolor your blob. Some parts of the puzzle will split your mercury blob in two and you will need both pieces to complete the map by hitting switches, activating color changes, and more. The game also test your colors at times by forcing you to combine two or more blobs of different colors to make a blob of a third color that you need to activate a switch. These clever puzzles that force you to control multiple blobs as you tilt the level add an amusing, yet not stressful, feature to the game. I loved this game because I never felt like I had only one way to win and had to do it exactly or lose. I felt in control at all times and anytime I lost it was because I messed up, not because I felt cheated that there was only one way.

While the game is single-player it does have leaderboards and other ways to view other players' times and scores. This nice feature gives competitive players a goal to try and be the best as well as gives more incentive to keep playing.

Another amazing feature of the game that got me really excited was the ability to import your own music or use the in game included music. Being able to listen to any music I wanted to while playing the game was quite entertaining. While this might seem a gimmick it was well implemented and based on the music playing would change how various tiles and backgrounds would move and look. Play something fast and the tiles would move up and down quickly and flash various colors all to the beat of the music. Play something slow and it would be a smooth and slow change. It didn't have much impact on the game, but it was cool to watch and it felt like I had more control as well as got me hyped listening to my own music.

The graphics for the game aren't anything special. The game is crisp and pretty, but nothing really sticks out. The game chooses to use typical HD graphics with nothing special and that is fine. The graphics are modern and a game like this doesn't need to do anything special since the graphics aren't the focal point, the gameplay is.

Overall, Mercury Hg is an engaging and fun game that will give you countless replay value and help entertain you and kill time. It's clever premise and unique use of the PS3's limited motion controls integrate well with the gameplay and help immerse the player. Even better is the cost of the game. At the low price of $4.99 it will definitely be worth the cost you pay for it. Not only does the game have massive replay value and is long enough to be worth the cost, but it has its own DLC as well. Sadly at the time of the review I was unable to check or test any of the DLC, but even without the DLC the game is more than worth the low cost. I recommend this game to all people who love puzzle games and even to some who enjoy quick, simple fun games that just kill a little bit of time. The mix of action and puzzle along with the low cost makes this a game for almost anyone.

Michael Riling
Impulse Gamer


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