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Little Big Planet 2 PS3 Review - -

Gameplay 9.5
Graphics 9.0
Sound 9.0
Value 9.5
Distributor: Sony
Review Date:
February 2011
James Wright


Little Big Planet 2

The original Little Big Planet title for the PlayStation 3 was a true arcade revolution. Not only did it create an interesting and surreal arcade experience that merged both 2D and 3D successfully together but it also allowed the player to create their own gaming worlds.

These gaming worlds or "levels" could then be shared with the online Little Big Planet community which spawned some amazing creations from around the world. The game was original and more importantly, very entertaining. It was a true gaming revolution thanks to Sony's Play, Create and Share premise.

However the question on most of our minds was whether developers Media Molecule could actually better the first game and somehow through alien technology or arcane rituals (probably just good old fashioned storyboards and programming)? The answer is YES! With new gaming features, snazzy graphics and the wonderful return of Sack Boy, the protagonist and hero of the first, it's time to pick-up your DualShock controller and return to 21st century arcade gaming at its best.

For gameplay, Little Big Planet 2 supports three modes of "play" that include Play, Create & Share. Play allows you to play the single-player game with Sackboy as you attempt to rid your world of the Negativitron, a nefarious machine that threatens to vacuum everything on his planet and once again you are called to duty.

As you move yourself through this sidescroller, you will notice that quite a few things have changed since Sackboy's first adventures and somehow they have even improved the graphics. The single-player campaign also works as a tutorial to teach you the basics of the game and to hopefully inspire you to create your own levels. Not to mention download other peoples as well. Some of the level design in the single-player mode is quite out there and will mess with your senses... in a good way.

If you delve into the create area of Little Big Planet 2, you'll find a wealth of customisation options from creating all facets of the gaming world from your characters to backgrounds and even objects. The new creation tool has received a revamp and is more streamlined and easier to use as opposed to the original that unfortunately turned a few people off. However the star of the show is the ability to create your own control schemes in the game. This includes everything from your characters to vehicles and lots more.

The control you have over the environment is quite unparalleled and already, there are some impressive gaming environments available to download. But what this means for the player is that their gaming world is not just limited to the "arcade" so you could virtually create your own super racer or bizarre RPG title.

You can also make cutscenes, cooking games, shooters, racing games... it's almost endless what you can create as you unleash your inner muse. Add in the ability to create your own menus and HUDs (heads up display) and I'm really excited to see what the future holds for Little Big Planet in terms of it's share feature. Although some share levels may blur copyright. Mario Bros? Halo? I think so!

Creating your own gaming worlds does take time and I'm surprised at how well it has been mapped out on the DualShock controller. Some aspects are a little tricky and at times I craved a mouse but for the majority, the PS3 controller is just dandy and quite accurate. Another interesting feature is that the game monitors those gamers using the creation tools and sharing their creations like some kind of leaderboard. It's definitely a great way to get recognised and who knows, some might even come to the attention of game developers. Perhaps the game is like the Last Starfighter...

Graphically, the game has this strange almost real-world quality from its bizarre levels and realistic characters that look like they have been made from every day items. Sackboy and his friends interact surprisingly well with the world they are as do your creations. With some beautiful lighting and perfect texture details, this is one good looking game for the PS3. Matched with a haunting soundtrack and some pretty amusing sound effects and voices, Little Big Planet 2 is almost the perfect game.

Final Thoughts?

Community is the spirit of Little Big Planet 2 and even though the single-player mode is fun, the unlockable potential of the creation tools will inspire a whole wealth of gaming options. Given that community is the spirit behind Little Big Planet 2, there are some heinous designs available but when you find those gems from online, you'll definitely be pleased that you purchased this game. Over time, this will be one game that you can continually come back to thanks to the relatively easy to use creation tools and great online accessibility. Little big Planet Planet will take time to master but if you have the patience, the rewards will be endless. Highly Recomended!


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