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James Bond Quantum of Solace PS3 Review - -

Gameplay 8.0
Graphics 8.6
Sound 8.6
Value 8.0
Distributor: Activision
Review Date:
December 2008
Tyrone Williams


James Bond Quantum of Solace

Activision is the latest company responsible for the current James Bond epic to shoot its way into the gaming world in James Bond Quantum of Solace. Based on the current James Bond movie and the previous installment Casino Royale that stars Daniel Craig as this British secret agent, the title is quite refreshing when compared to other previous games.

That is in terms of freedom, the game is considerably more dynamic which gives the gamer a variety of ways in completing the title. Even though the storyline is quite linear at times, the gameplay is quite interactive as you use a variety of gadgets and weaponry to achieve your goal.

  • Be the New Bond – The Quantum of Solace game marks the first time players can become the dangerous and cunning Bond as portrayed by Daniel Craig in “Quantum of Solace” and “Casino Royale.”
  • Combat Variety – From silent take downs and sneaking through confined spaces, to one-on-one shoot outs and large scale battles, players experience a variety of gameplay that challenges them to think through situations and choose how they progress, whether it’s through covert means or confronting enemies in full force.
  • Advanced combat and Realistic AI – Players engage in both first-person and third-person gameplay that allows gamers to be Bond in unscripted battles against the world’s most evil villains and mercenaries.
  • Cinematic Appeal – Filled with armed combat, massive explosions and vertigo-inducing chases, gamers are immersed in an authentic Bond universe and drawn into epic movie moments with theatrical camera angles, split screen effects, picture-in-picture sequences, and amazing environments inspired by real world locations such as Montenegro, Venice, Bolivia and Austria.
  • Unparalleled Bond Multiplayer Experience – Bringing James Bond to next-gen consoles for the first time, gamers now have the ability to battle online in a variety of modes.

The combat in the game is quite enjoying and diverse as your character now interacts fully with the gaming environment, whether he is ducking behind crates or climbing ladders, the game has a real James Bond feel with all the interaction and action happening around your character.

Without spoiling the latest movie, the game mirrors both films quite well and for instance, there is a great scene from Casino Royale where Le Chiffe poisons bond and you need to struggle with the effects of the poison as well as the environment. Very cool!

The game is not just all about action as it contains some great steal aspects where you need to avoid confrontation and at times has elements of the Tom Clancy Splinter Cell series.

What sets this game apart from its predecessors and some other games of similar style at present is the AI that can be quite aggressive and realistic at times. This assists in getting your adrenaline pumping and assists in the overall Bond experience.

The control system of the title is sturdy, however at times it will become frustratingly annoying, especially when you are trying to sneak around on narrow edges and one wrong slip and you will plummet to your death.

It would have been nice if there was some prevention for this to happen so be warned, you may be spending a good majority of your time repeating these areas time and time again.  The combat control system is good as you have access to a wide range of weapons with my favourite weapon that of the sniper rifles which is almost as fun as the original Unreal Tournament sniper rifle was. Best of all, each of the weapons handles differently.

Graphically, the title is visually impressive on the PS3 with detailed gaming environments and characters. The main character even looks like Daniel Craig and moves with a catlike grace at times. Match that with some great Hollywood style explosions and the like and this is as close as to any of us will get to starring in a James Bond movie.  Musically, the title contains the great Bond score which assists in the atmosphere plus a variety of realistic sound effects that compliment the gameplay. 

At the end of the day, Quantum of Solace is a sturdy action game with elements of first person and third person shooters. Match that with great graphics and sound effects and this title will draw you in from the very start to the finish. My only gripe are some of the frustrating narrow edges that you must navigate and the sometimes fiddle some camera angles. Add in online play for the PS3 and you'll be Bonding for quite some time!


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