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Fuel Overdose PS3 Review - -
Fuel Overdose
Reviewed by
Michael Riling
Fuel Overdose PS3 Review. However, while Fuel Overdose has its flaws it is still a good deal for its money. If you can get over one map having clipping issues, ignore the sound, and not care about story (itís a racing game after all) then you should find a nice cheap game that provides a lot of fun entertainment. And isnít that what video games are all about?

Gameplay 8.0
Graphics 7.0
Sound 4.0
Value 9.0
Distributor: Sony Store
Developer: I-Friqiya
Review Date: Jan 2012
Michael Riling


Fuel Overdose

Fuel Overdose is a combat racing game that excels in a lot of areas, but also seems to have been held back by the nature of it being a smaller PSN title. While the game is fun, both offline and online, gamers expecting perfection or those with a high standard might be a bit turned off by a few factors.

Before we get into the bad, letís talk about what Fuel Overdose does right. First and foremost, Fuel Overdose is fun and addicting. Once you play it for a bit and get past some of the quirks, learn a few cool tricks, and get more skilled it becomes more and more addicting. As a form of entertainment, Fuel Overdose does a good job and is more than worth it in value. While other racing games exist, and other racers involve combat, Fuel Overdose has a light hearted charm and each racer has unique special attacks and special abilities ranging from deflecting certain attacks, to double speed boost, to complete 180 turnarounds, and more. While playing a different racer wonít drastically change the game, it will add enough of a change that there is a reason to play each one.

The multiplayer for Fuel Overdose was a bit tricky to test due to the small number of people, but luckily the developers were kind enough to give Impulse Gamer extra codes to pass around so that we could try it out and test it. Overall the multiplayer is fun and there is an extra sense of enjoyment seeing your friend right in front of you and lighting them up to knock them back toward the end of the race. It provides a sense of competitiveness and entertainment and certain strategies that might have worked on AI will not work on players. If Fuel Overdose is able to get a strong multiplayer community it could turn out to be quite the fun multiplayer game. The only real downside I see to the multiplayer is that not every racer is balanced. Some racers simply have better attacks and abilities than others. It wonít make a horrible racer beat somebody really skilled, but it does mean that from a competitive sense there will only be a few different characters being used.

Unfortunately, while Fuel Overdose succeeds at being entertaining there are a lot of things holding it back that some gamers wonít be able to get past. When I first started, the controls were a big thing; however, I can say that after playing a bunch one simple fix will cause a gamer to have little to no problems with the controls. The simple fix is to use the d-pad and not the control stick. The d-pad provides a lot more control and players will find themselves having much more fun with that simple fix. However, not every problem can be fixed with a simple control fix.

First off, the graphics for the game range from pretty to pretty bad. While a few maps are nice, very little sticks out other than the chest for some of the female racer. The character artwork is very nicely done and each character is a nice looking, well-drawn, anime character. It is at that point where the graphics start to sink and deteriorate though. The map of New York is one of the worst and Iím surprised it made it to the final product. The game is post-apocalyptic and as such New York is flooded and thus parts of the New York map are flooded. The problem comes up, however, when you realize that the water for an entire half of the map is clipping with the road. In other words, youíll be driving and the graphics will keep half-covering various pixels giving you a look of half-road pixels, half-water pixels and it cycles randomly between this. While it doesnít mess up the cars ability to race, from an art perspective it looks bad, but worse, it looks lazy to have allowed that to make it to the end game. The gameís menu and title screen graphics donít help much either and both tend to be a bit bland and nothing special. Overall when the graphics are good they are nice, but not special; but when they are bad, they are horrendous.

One of the worst things about the game, however, is the sound. The best music in the game is the title screen music; once you get past that you probably wonít realize there IS music. I actually was convinced for a while the game had zero background music until I muted everything else in the settings, turned the music to max volume, and then listened very closely. The music is barely audible and even if you make it audible by altering your settings you wonít hear a masterpiece, just generic music. So what sound does the game have? Eye-splitting screeching and squealing from tires. While I realize sometimes car tires will screech when racing and making sharp turns, the game seems to believe that every turn, no matter how big or how small, should have a nice loud screech. The volume distribution is so bad between the two that if I wanted to hear everything the game offered I had to turn the sound effects volume to the lowest setting and the music to the highest; and even then during big turns I couldnít hear anything but a screech.

Being a racing game, donít expect much from the story. Sure there IS a story told through the use of slideshows, but it is very clichť and just serves to give a reason to play all the characters. While I do recommend playing all the story modes to unlock new racers and maps, the story itself just seems tacked on.

However, while Fuel Overdose has its flaws it is still a good deal for its money. If you can get over one map having clipping issues, ignore the sound, and not care about story (itís a racing game after all) then you should find a nice cheap game that provides a lot of fun entertainment. And isnít that what video games are all about?


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