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Folklore PS3 Review - -

Gameplay 8.7
Graphics 8.8
Sound 8.7
Value 8.7
Distributor: Sony
Review Date:
October 2007
Tyrone Williams



Folklore is the latest adventure game epic from Sony that has the gamer venturing into the netherworld as Elle, a 17-year olf girl who is attempting to find information about her deceased mother and is joined by Keats, a reporter for a bizarre occult magazine. Based in Ireland, Folklore will challenge the player with a variety of real-world Irish myths as you come across a variety of strange monsters who will use whatever means possible to prevent you from reaching your goal. Fortunately for Ellen, she has the ability to harvest spirits (ids) from the folk of fairy tales which can then be unleased upon your opponents in this next generation adventure game.


  • Journey to seven incredibly vibrant realms, all uniquely designed and tailored to fit their distinct personalities. From the ruins of the Undersea City to the never-ending maze of the Endless Corridor, each destination is different from the next.
  • Inspired by western fairy tales, players interact with or clash against a cast of over 100 originally designed creatures, characters and monsters.
  • Using the SIXAXIS wirelsess controller, the player must battle monsters and literally “shake” them into submission and “yank” their powers from them. The absorbed powers will be used to capture or defeat the monsters that lie ahead.
  • Begin the game as either Keats or Ellen and learn their story and gameplay style. Keats uses traditional direct attacks while Ellen uses strategic methods to trap her enemies. Decisions made in one story line will directly impact the story path of the other.

The developers of Folklore have done an amazing job at the in-depth story of the title whom have created a loveable heroine. When Ellen receives a letter from a mother she thought was dead telling her to come to the town of Doolin, she is joined by Keats, a writer for an occult magazine who receives a call from a stranger informing her that faerys are attacking her in the town. From there, Keats and Ellen arrive in Doolin, find themselves thrust right into a murder mystery and very quickly realize there's more to this mystery than meets the eye as the two are placed into one supernatural event after another in order to piece together the pieces of the past. Although the story is linear, the two characters that you control will give you a varied enough experience to last you through the title and each of these characters has a different perspective on what is occurring in their own realms.

Although the game takes place in the town of Doolin Ireland, you also get to explore the Netherworld that is composed of a variety of different realms as you are forced to fight against the "folk", the strange creatures from folklore. Fortunately the battles are easy but the puzzles and mysteries in the game are a little more challenging. As you fight folks, you can capture their Ids by locking onto them once they're weakened you move the Sixaxis controller up in order to harnest this power. When you capture an Id for the first time, you can place the ability gained from that folk on one of the face buttons and use it in battle. As you progress through the various realms of Folklore, you soon discover more of Ellen's past which really draws you into this beautifully crafted tale.

Apart from the storyline, the other star of the title are the gorgeously choreographed cinematics that go hand in hand with the gameplay. The graphics have a "comic" style to them with their simplistic yet detailed artwork that are nicely compliments with both in game and pre-rendered CGI. All the characters have been professionally designed and add in a plethora of special effects and you have a really impressive looking title. The voice acting of the title is also professionally implemented as is the musical score that sounds majestic and mysterious that changes throughout the title.

In conclusion, Folklore is a very much needed action adventure game on the PlayStation 3 that is quite short on this high end console. Masterfully crafted, amazing gaming environment and easy to master gameplay, Folklore is definitely a title for the thinking gamer as you travel through a variety of different realms from various aspects of Western folklore. An enjoying title from start to finish, even if some of the puzzles were a little frustrating but this is what good gaming is about, finding a balance that will not make the game too difficult but thoroughly enjoyable.


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