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Everybodys Golf World Tour PS3 Review - -

Gameplay 8.5
Graphics 8.5
Sound 8.5
Value 8.5
Distributor: Sony
Review Date:
April 2008
Andrew Bistak


Everybody's Golf World Tour

Everybody's Golf World Tour (Hot Shots Golf 5) is the latest edition to the series that is now solely based on the PlayStation 3 with high definition graphics and improved gameplay. For those that are unfamiliar with the series, Everybody's Golf World Tour is a golf game that does not take itself seriously and features anime style characters with their large heads and eye.

The game, Everybody's Golf World Tour also boasts a variety of new characters and caddies to select plus six new golf courses that are extremely realistically created. Imagine Looney Tune characters in the real-world as that is what this title looks like. Gamers can also create tournaments of up to 50 different participants, making this title one of the most and unique golfing games to date.


  • New Shot System – Focus on the swing and not a power meter. Players will closely monitor takeaway and impact zone, taking into account distance, club selection, and weather. Of course, players may still opt for the traditional shot meter if desired. Online Action – Customize a tournament and square off with up to 50 others, or create a match with up to eight players and follow the action of each player. Enter the online lobby and customize your character with more than 300 options including hair, masks, clothing, and numerous other entertaining options while sending messages and setting up matches.

  • Larger Courses & Environments – Strategically play your next shot while taking into account the entire course. Larger playable environments let you play your errant tee shot from a neighboring hole, or take aim at a different fairway and use it as a shortcut to better align the next shot.

  • Six Immaculate New Courses – Adding to the wide variety of existing courses, Hot Shots Golf 5 introduces a set of new courses that bring players to unique and dramatic locations including links along the coast, in the desert, among the mountains, and in the woods.

  • Refined Putting Stroke – A new putting stroke is in place to take player emphasis off the power meter and focus on the beautiful environments that Hot Shots Golf 5 and the PS3 deliver. The traditional putting stroke is still a selectable option.

  • Crazy Characters & Caddies – Choose from 15 different playable characters and six different caddies, each with their own distinct look and characteristics that embody the fun and spirit of the Hot Shots franchise. Customize characters in a variety of clothing options, and monitor character attributes including power, control, and accuracy.

  • Downloadable Content – In between rounds, head to the PlayStation Store to download exciting content including playable characters, new courses, clubs, and clothing.

  • A Variety of Golf Outings – Multiple single-player and multi-player modes of play including VS Mode, Training Mode, Tournament Mode, Stroke Mode, Match Play Mode, and other challenging modes offer a diverse golfing experience for everyone.

  • Extensive Stat Tracking – Hot Shots Golf 5 offers a wide range of statistical information that allows players to measure themselves versus the competition. Track game data through each round to compare skills in categories like best average score, driving distance, driving accuracy (fairways hit), greens in regulations, par pace percentage, putting accuracy, average putt length, holes-in-one, and many other stat options.

Before engaging in the title, gamers must create their avatar which will be used to play the title and with up to 15 different characters to select from, their is a character for everyone. If you are a little unfamiliar with the game, Everybody's Golf World Tour features a great tutorial which will assist even the most handicapped of players to start swinging those clubs.

The most noticeable difference of Everybody's Golf World Tour from its predecessors is the new and improved gameplay options with the new shot system. This allows the gamer to had more control with their hits which does rely too much on power.

Although at the end of the day, Golf is just Golf, there are a variety of different gameplay options and downloadable content that will keep you entertained for weeks upon weeks. Whether it's multiplayer or single-player, Everybody's Golf World Tour is definitely one entertaining and fun title. Depending on how you hit the ball, you can even do some great power shots which would make even Tiger Woods be impressed.

Graphically, the title is gorgeous on a high definition with TV with realistically created environments and strange looking animated characters that works well together. Match that with some clichιd voice acting and a variety of sound effects and its almost as if you are playing a real golf game with a touch of Happy Gilmore added like "you can do it".

In conclusion, Everybody's Golf World Tour is a fun golf game that everyone can play with engaging gameplay, improved physics and brilliant graphics which will make this the definitive title of the series. Definitely one of golfers and non-golfers alike as the title has been made to be fun!


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