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DanceStar Party PS3 Review - -
DanceStar Party
Reviewed by
Kyle Sudukis
DanceStar Party PS3 Review. Given that "Party" is in the title, this is one title that should be played with friends and family. Recommended but hardcore gamers may want to stick to Battlefield 3!

Gameplay 8.5
Graphics 8.0
Sound 10
Value 8.4
Publisher: Sony
Review Date:
Oct 2011
Kyle Sudukis


DanceStar Party

From the creators of Singstar (Sony London) come their next big party game entitled "DanceStar Party" which allows up to 20-players to engage in some amazing dance routines, 160 to be precise to around 40 songs.

Just like the aforementioned karaoke game for the PlayStation, DanceStar Party features a similar gaming mechanic where you need to match your body movements with the silhouette dancers on the screen and the better you are at mimicking their moves, the more points you are awarded and comments such as Awesome.

Cat Deeley launches DanceStar Party in Australia from America's So You Think You Can Dance!

However in order to use the game, you do need the PlayStation Move and PlayStation Eye in order for the system to read your body. And as opposed to using the microphone and your voice, DanceStar uses the Move controller which monitors your body and unlike certain controllerless dance games, we found that DanceStar Party was considerably more accurate. One good aspect of the game is that you can see yourself dance so it helps the player match up their moves with the silhouette dancer moves on the TV. Like SingStar, you can also set the length of the songs and is a great option for finding your best tracks.

There are also three different levels available to the player that include beginner, intermediate and professional for those that believe they should be back up dancers for Pink or Lady GaGa. Another cool mode was the battle mode which requires two players to duke it out on the dance floor as each player attempts to score the most points.

With a variety of different gaming modes from single-player to multiplayer, the other highlight of this game apart from the dancing is the impressive track list that features artists such as The Chemical Brothers and Rihanna. Apart from your traditional dancing game modes, DanceStar Party also contains a few interesting modes that include a Dance Creator and a Workout mode.

In the Dance Creator mode, you can basically create your own music dance videos and the PlayStation Eye will record your impressive or embarrassing routine. Once recorded, you can then share your choreography with other people online in order for them to move to your dance routines. It's kind of cool and does create a very interesting "Dance" community with the Playstation 3.

Workout mode on the other hand is similar to Just Dance 3 and Dance Central's fitness mode which basically monitors the number of calories you use while you dance. This mode can also be used as a training mode as well and allows you to learn the basics of the manoeuvres of the dances without it being overtly complex. For those that want to dance and sing, this option is also available. Needless to say, this is the perfect party game for those that want to get their groove on. It's definitely a much needed game for the PS3.

Graphics & Audio

Graphically, DanceStar Party looks lush on FULL HD with some great music videos playing in the background that are extremely sharp and verge on Blu-ray reference quality. The in-game graphics of the dancers, scores and move cards are exceptionally clear and in turn create a very well presented game on the PS3.

Of course, given that Sony London were behind this title, it's easy to see why the game looks so slick. Besides the great graphics and smooth dance gameplay, music is the next winner and Sony have collected a plethora of awesome artists for this release that include the following tracklisting and best of all, from a variety of music eras such as Barry White to something more modern like Lady GaGa.

Amerie 1 Thing
Barry White Youíre The First, The Last, My Everything
Basement Jaxx Whereís Your Head At
Billy Idol with Generation X Dancing with Myself
Bodyrockers I Like The Way
Carl Douglas Kung Fu Fighting
CeCe Peniston Finally
Chromeo Night By Night
Deadmau5 Ghosts ĎNí Stuff (feat. Rob Swire)
Diana Ross Upside Down
Duck Sauce Barbra Streisand
Ellie Goulding Starry Eyed
Elton John Iím Still Standing
Example Kickstarts
Groove Armada feat. Gramíma Funk I See You Baby (Fatboy Slim mix)
Ida Corr Vs Fedde Le Grand Let Me Think About It
Iggy Pop Lust For Life
Jay Sean featuring Lil Wayne Down
Jessie J Do It Like A Dude
Kool And The Gang Get Down On It
Lady Gaga Born This Way
LMFAO Party Rock Anthem
Los Del Rio Macarena
Miami Sound Machine Dr Beat
New Kids On The Block You Got It (The Right Stuff)
Nicole Scherzinger Donít Hold Your Breath
Ok Go Here It Goes Again
OutKast The Way You Move
Republica Ready To Go
Rihanna Rude Boy
SNAP! The Power
Tavares Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel
The Chemical Brothers Hey Boy Hey Girl
Tiesto v Diplo feat Busta Rhymes Címon (Catch ĎEm By Surprise)
Tinie Tempah Pass Out
Usher featuring Pitbull DJ Got Us Falliní In Love
Usher featuring OMG
Vengaboys We Like To Party
Willow Whip My Hair
Yolanda Be Cool vs D Cup We No Speak Americano

Final Level

In the end, DanceStar Party was a much needed game on the PS3 and with the inclusion of the PlayStation Move, it's probably one of the more accurate dance titles in the gaming world. The only issue with the game (as Sony London have the gameplay down pat) is that you're really limited to just two dancers and the "20 players" is a little bit of overkill with 18 dancers taking the back seat. However, it works well and I'm sure we'll see some great DLC in the future plus lots of additional DanceStar Party games. Given that "Party" is in the title, this is one title that should be played with friends and family. Recommended but hardcore gamers may want to stick to Battlefield 3!


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