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Buzz! Quiz World PS3 Review - -

Gameplay 9.0
Graphics 8.0
Sound 8.0
Value 9.1
Distributor: Sony
Review Date:
December 09
James Wright


Buzz! Quiz World

The ultimate console trivia game buzzes its way yet again onto the PlayStation 3 in Buzz! Quiz World which promises the gamer and their friends another fun filled instalment of interesting and strange facts about this amazing planet that we live on.

The premise behind this game is simple, select one of the amusing cartoon avatars and grab your Buzz! buzzer and play one of the entertaining mini-games in order to become Buzz! Quiz World champion. With that said, the game is reminiscent of those quiz games on TV and the controller for the game features a big red button with coloured buttons to help choose the correct answer to the question. Of course, the person with the highest number of points win the round!


  • BUZZ! puts you at the heart of the show - With hundreds of player names to choose from to create your own personal profile, BUZZ! now gives commentary in the game about you, your family and friends and how you're playing!
  • Choose the rounds you want to play, the subjects you want to answer and make the game you want to play in the most customizable BUZZ! quiz game yet.
  • New rounds and new contestant characters add more fun to your quiz.
  • Take on friends and family with 8 player local multiplayer quizzing.

Although the game is fairly identical to previous PS3 Buzz! installments, the mini-games are perfect and the biggest change to this edition is of course the new range of questions.

Even though the game does support a single-player mode which includes Stop the Clock and Over the Edge, although entertaining, it cannot compare to the multiplayer aspect of this title.

With this in mind, the mini games include Point Builder, Fastest Finger, Stop the Clock, Point Stealer, Short Fuse, On the Spot, and Pie Fight. Some games require you to just answer the questions, whereas others involve being the first to answer the question by pushing the big red button or even games that allows you to bet points or steal points from the other player.

The last gameplay is Final Countdown that puts the players on a pedestal and as the clock ticks, you get closer and closer to the ground with the person hitting the ground last becomes the winner. However if you answer a question, it slightly pushes the pedestal up but it's definitely a fun game that allows other players to catch up.

Some of the newer games since previous installments include On the Edge which if you score incorrectly, it moves you closer to a pool of slime and Boiling Point which gives a point bonus to those players who have scored six questions correctly in a row. Needless to say, some really fun gaming modes. The new Buzz also has a plethora of new characters to pick which also assists with the overall enjoyment and replay factor.

The questions in the game range from text questions to text answers, pictures, videos and even music and the variety is just enough to almost make it appear like a new game each time you play. Although it supports thousands of questions, we rarely received the same question more than twice and it's pretty embarrassing when you have forgotten the answer the second or third time in a row.

When it comes to online mode, MyBuzz is great for playing new quizzes for this franchise that allows you to create your own quizzes such as Super Heroes or download others made by other gamers. You can even play the game online with other people from around the world, although finding some suitable candidates may be a little time consuming. Of course by winning games, your characters are awarded prizes that are more like trophies than anything else.

Graphically, nothing has really changed from the previous Buzz, although there are a few changes here and there to the characters, sets and the way the questions are handled. Even so, it's a great engine and the key to the game has always been the questions and of course the comedy. The voice acting of the game is great and is quite humorous at times, especially with our host Buzz. There are some great one-liners by both the host and the commentator which is quite cleverly done. The commentary also keeps an eye on how the player is going throughout their Buzz gaming experience which is interesting. Add in that classic "Quizz Game" soundtrack and it's almost like you are part of something that is seen on TV.

Final Thoughts?

Buzz! Quiz World is a very fun game, provided you have other people with you as it makes for a great party game experience. The gameplay, although reminiscent of the previous games is still as sturdy and entertaining as ever and the new questions have been well thought out. With decent graphics and sound, the only drawback to the title is a few loading issues when going online but if you enjoyed the previous installments or you want to dip your feet into this interactive Trivial Pursuit experience, than I highly recommended you check it out!


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