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Battlefield 3 PS3 Review - -
Battlefield 3 One
Reviewed by
James Wright
Battlefield 3 PS3 Review. Battlefield 3 is not that greatest game but rather, it's a very good game and although the single player campaign is a little dull in terms of story, there are some stellar moments in it to help get you through to the finish line and actually make you crave more.

Gameplay 9.0
Graphics 9.0
Sound 9.0
Value 9.0
Publisher: EA
Review Date:
Nov 2011
James Wright


Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 or BF3 is another one of 2011's most anticipated games and EA have definitely done their homework in order to rev up the gaming audience such as online trailers to TV and movie campaigns. Upping the ante from previous games, BF3 is an amazing experience that contains a decent single-player campaign and some lush multiplayer gaming in this "almost" definitive first person shooter experience for the PlayStation 3. Multiplayer is truly amazing...

However before I get to the multiplayer, lets have a quick recount of the story behind this game. In terms of story, it's actually a little lacklustre as you play an elite soldier who is being interrogated by his superiors. And just like a certain "Call of Duty" game, the story goes back and forth to the present, explaining your involvement in various campaigns around the world as you play certain "memories".

Although the story is not the most original game of the year, it does have this great Hollywood war movie feel, especially with its larger than life explosions and DICE should be commended with its virtual tension that they have implemented into the plot as you're always on the edge of your seat.

There are also some really cool moments in the game such as the earthquake near the start of the campaign and my favourite, sky diving. It's these little moments that make the sometimes lacklustre story so fun to play and the single-player mode will take most seasoned gamers around 7 or so hours to successfully finish. There's also a couple of quick-time inspired events as well.

You also get to access vehicles in the single-player mode and although most are quite enjoyable, there were a few frustrating aspects in the game such as trying to target planes and enemies from the skies. I almost had rage controller as I was trying to target the airport at night and with clouds... growl!

Another issue with the single-player game is that the AI is a little stupid. In most instances, you can basically take them out one by one and if you keep your ground, none will try to investigate. Your virtual buddies will assist but for the most part, you become the target and you need to rely on your trusty DualShock controller. However even with these niggles, the gameplay is still thoroughly enjoyable, especially the vehicles, the graphics and the good old fashioned action.

But like I said... multiplayer is where all the action is and when you play with and against real-players, it's actually like you are on the battlefield as you work in conjunction with your teammates to take out your enemy. I remember getting killed once and I just watched the action unfold around me.

It was like I was watching a war movie on TV that actually made me think, this is what war is really like. It was quite a surreal experience and DICE have done a brilliant job at their post modernist interpretation of the battlefield. Thanks to my teammates for not healing me via their defibrillators or I would not have had this moment. Another great aspect about multiplayer is that the battlefields are huge as are the teams that join and whether you want to play a soldier, a engineer or just want to fly a plane or chopper, it's all possible in BF3.

Add in levelling and online leaderboards and most gamers will be playing the online aspect of BF3 for a considerable amount of time. The good thing about getting "experience points" in Battlefield 3 is that the game rewards for not just killing but also assisting others in the warzone.

This is definitely not a game for heroes but rather, it's a team experience and that's why the previous game was so popular. Thankfully DICE have continued with this theme. I had to force myself to write this review because I wanted to play with my mate online... it's such an addictive yet satisfying experience.

Graphics & Audio

When it comes to graphics... BF 3 is an amazing technological feat on the PlayStation 3. Thanks to the Frostbite 2.0 engine, the realism in this game is quite uncanny, especially when you interact with the gaming universe and see other characters interact as well.

With some gorgeous lighting and texture details plus some awesome particle effects that are to die for, this game makes full use of your FULL HD TV, especially with the huge Hollywood style of explosions... BOOM! There however is a price to pay for the graphics and at times, the engine did stutter and there was some pop-up but thankfully the luscious graphics and strong gameplay are more than ample for you to forgive the game. Also, some facial details are a little Spartan but overall, this is one sexy looking game on the PS3.

Speaking of BOOMS, the use of surround sound is phenomenal in this game and if you don't have a pair of high quality headphones or surround sound, you're definitely doing yourself an injustice because everything is crystal clear and DICE have successfully managed to recreate the sounds of the battlefield. From bullets whizzing past your head to the shouts of your team under heavy fire, realism was the key here and its realism is its success. Voice acting is quite professional and only assists the overall experience of this game.

Final Level

Battlefield 3 is not that greatest game but rather, it's a very good game and although the single player campaign is a little dull in terms of story, there are some stellar moments in it to help get you through to the finish line and actually make you crave more. This is where the multiplayer aspect comes into play, especially with its realistic warzones and elements of Hollywood to make it bigger than life.  With co-op missions, leaderboards and some great vehicles, Battlefield 3 is a definite must have for any first person shooter fan!


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