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Army of Two The Devil's Cartel PS3 Review - -
Army of Two The Devil's Cartel
Reviewed by
Ash Pinch
Army of Two The Devil's Cartel PS3 Review. The Devil's Cartel is a solid shooter with some key differences from most other shooters on the market.

Gameplay 8.0
Graphics 7.0
Sound 7.0
Value 6.0
Distributor: EA
Rating: R18+
Review Date: April 2013
Ash Pinch


Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel
(Reviewed on PS3)

The Devil's Cartel is the third entry into the Army of Two series.  The latest entry features two brand new playable characters, Alpha and Bravo. The story still features Salem and Rios but they are not playable.  EA have made some changes to the game other than the main characters, but the focus is still strongly on co-op. 

As the name implies the story follows a two man army taking on an entire cartel, there are other supporting characters.  Many of these supporting characters play very minor roles and you probably wonít even remember their names.  As a fan of the Army of Two series I actually enjoyed the story, although some plot points are a little predictable overall I found it interesting enough to want to keep playing through. 

Unlike in the earlier iterations Alpha and Bravo do not know each other at the beginning and their relationship becomes stronger as the story progresses.  For those who have not played the previous entries some of the twists will not have as much weight, but it is still easy to follow.

The game play is strongly focussed on the co-op aspects; some of this feels like it has been watered down a little.  You can only order your comrade to interact with objects, get to you or take the enemies attention.  It felt like you could do much more in previous games in this regard. 

The cover system takes some getting used to.  It uses the same button to exit cover and move to the next cover, with a small semi-transparent arrow on the next cover.  This system works well once you get used to it, but causes much frustration early on.

The gunplay is pretty run of the mill; if youíve played other first person shooters then you will feel right at home here.  The one addition that separates The Devil's Cartel from other shooters is Overkill mode.  This builds with kills and once activated makes you invincible, you donít need to reload and your bullets do crazy amounts of damage.  This is just good fun, there is no challenge when this is activated but really ramps up the action.

As with previous games there is a decent amount of customisation options available.  You are able to customise the appearance of Alpha, you can change his mask, outfit and even tattoos.  You are also able to purchase different weapons and modify these also.  You can purchase add-ons for the gun or paint them in an enormous number of colours. 

This leads to my biggest frustration with The Devil's Cartel; they have added a levelling system that requires levelling up to get the better weapons.  This in itself is fine except that I was not able to purchase the last guns after I had beaten the story.  I had to play some of the missions again just to get these weapons.  And as there is no competitive multiplayer for levelling up you have to replay missions.  Money is also a bit scarce and limits the amount of weapon experimentation and you will quickly find a weapon you like and stick to it.

The voice work was good in The Devil's Cartel, it is clear that unlike Rios and Salem in the original two titles Alpha and Bravo do not have that bond.  As the game progresses the way they speak with one another also changes and it is clear that they are becoming closer.  The music and is also good and adds the atmosphere of the game.  The guns could have had some meatier sound but the effects can be cranked up in the options menu I liked that there was a headphone option in the audio options

Final Thoughts?

Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel is a worthy addition to the Army of Two franchise. Third person shooter fans will feel right at home here and as a fan of the series I enjoyed the story.  There are some issues with the game and it lacks replay ability other than to unlock more gear or playing on higher difficulty settings.  The Devil's Cartel is a solid shooter with some key differences from most other shooters on the market.


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