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Published on February 9th, 2014 | by Admin

Nowhere Boys Season One DVD Review

Nowhere Boys Season One DVD Review Admin

Summary: Alliances are made, enemies are formed and Nowhere Boys Season One is an almost perfect TV series.


Bind warping!

Nowhere Boys
Supernatural Fantasy
Distributor: ABC
Rating: PG
Running Time: 334 Minutes
Reviewer: Peter Bourke

Nowhere Boys is a supernatural fantasy series about a group of teenage boys who found themselves stuck in a parallel universe and stars Matthew Testro, Dougie Baldwin, Joel Lok and Rahart Sadiqzai. The premise of Nowhere Boys is set early on in the series when the boys get lost on a school excursion to a forest. Lost from their other school mates, they band together and take cover from a vicious lightning storm and anticipate that they will be rescued the following morning.

However when the storm passes, no one comes to their rescue so they must find their way back to civilization but when they return, it’s like none of them have existed. All traces of their identities have been wiped and even their friends and families are strangers to them. Welcome to the mystery of Nowhere Boys.


Where Nowhere Boys shines is through the characters themselves and the storylines that they experience. The dynamics of the group is also quite interesting, although a little cliché with the “jock” (Matthew Testro) Jake, Goth (Dougie Baldwin) Felix, nerdy Andy (Joel Lok) and perfect teenager Sam (Rahart Sadiqzai).

Unfortunately as the series progresses we soon learn that something nefarious is behind their alleged abduction that includes magic and demons. Another interesting element of Nowhere Boys is that the series actually parallels to an online gaming experience when it was originally aired. This means that viewers could influence and assist the teenagers during their adventures which is quite a cool twist to modern television. It should also be noted that the acting in this TV series is quite good, especially the four protagonists who really bounce when they are together. I’m sure we’ll be seeing these young actors in the future.


Final Thoughts?

All in all, Nowhere Boys is a very interesting series that definitely targets the teenage market perfectly and it’s quite fun seeing all the clues and mysteries come together. I enjoyed the dynamics between Felix who believes that dark magic is responsible, whereas nerd Andy believes there is a scientific explanation behind it.

Nonetheless, the two do clash as do all the teenagers in this rollercoaster ride. This 13-part series also ends on a high that forces the four to confront the evil behind their abduction to this strange parallel world. Alliances are made, enemies are formed and Nowhere Boys Season One is an almost perfect TV series.


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