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LEGO Dimensions Superman Fun Pack Review

LEGO Dimensions Superman Fun Pack Review Tory Favro



LEGO Dimensions is a toys to life game that allows you to explore multiple amazing worlds that bring together pretty seamlessly multiple licenses. You get to make the figures and vehicles, place them on the gamepad and voila! They appear in the game ready to use.


This review is about the Superman Fun Pack. What is a fun pack? Well, there are three types of additional packs you can purchase for this game. There are Level Packs, Team Packs and Fun Packs. The first two are pretty self-explanatory. The Fun Packs introduce characters and a vehicle. Some of them open up levels that you can explore. This one doesn’t.

What does this pack do? It gives you Superman of course! Forget the Hover Pod that comes with him. You get the Man of Steel. Superman looks amazing both as a mini figure and on your TV, his banter is witty and on point, you’ll be glad that you bought him. As an addition to LEGO Dimensions however, Superman offers very little other than a massively powered character that actually can help you bypass many of the puzzles that make Dimensions such a fun game.


Superman is indestructible, flies, swims underwater and generally makes a farce of some of the harder to solve levels such as the Portal level. Whatever you do, make sure you get him flying though as whenever you are airborne you will hear the Superman theme music! His voice is done perfectly, and there are so many fantastic voice grabs you will be smiling every time you hear him talk.

Supes also has ice breath and laser vision which is a lot of fun to use. He is so strong that environments break by him simply walking into them. He is a stud collector of the highest order and a good fun piece to be a part of your LEGO Dimensions collection.

Final Thoughts?

If you want my opinion, make sure you get Superman but maybe wait until you have finished the main storyline. Superman is fantastic but he is so powerful he just might take away some of the brilliance of the title with his sheer awesomeness.


Game Details

Title: LEGO Dimensions Superman Fun Pack
Set Number: 71236
Mini-figures: Superman & Hover Pod

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