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Fitbit Flex 2: Metal Accessory Bangle Review

The Fitbit Flex 2 is a sporting chameleon when it comes to its design and more importantly, its ability to adapt to our lifestyle as it becomes our silent personal trailer. One of the highlights of the Flex 2 is the ability to automatically detect your physical activities and is also the first Fitbit product to be fully waterproof which even tracks your swimming. Add in sleep tracking, silent alarms, reminders to move, smartphone notifications, LED display, wireless syncing plus a generous 5-day battery life and the Flex 2 is an amazing smart activity tracker, however there is one more important feature about this product.

This feature is customisation which allows you swap the Flex 2 into an assortment of interchangeable accessories like a wristband, bangle and even pendant. So if you’re at the gym, the standard Flex 2 band is all you need, however if you’re going out, the bangle may be more suitable or perhaps the pendant for something a little more upmarket. Further to our original review on the Flex 2 which can be found at https://www.impulsegamer.com/fitbit-flex-2-review/ we decided to try out one of their accessories with the ‘Metal Accessory Bangle’. It is important to note that this product is a hand-polished bangle made from sold stainless steel which looks quite captivating.

Coming in a handful of different colours (gold, rose gold & silver), this clever little band allows you to place the Flex 2 into the bangle itself which makes the product look more like a fashion accessory than a smart activity tracker. So while you’re looking a little more formal in your appearance, the Flex 2 inside the bangle is still recording all your physical acitivity. More importantly, you still have access to all the features of the Flex 2 like smartphone notifications or reminders to move.

The installation of the Flex 2 into the Metal Accessory Bangle is very simple. You basically open the bottom of the bangle and put your Flex 2 inside the little casing. Once installed, you just put the bangle on your wrist and presto, you’re ready to go! Although the Flex 2 is discretely located inside the top housing of the metal bangle, you still can see the LED’s on the smart activity tracker if you look closely enough which is great if you have received a notification. In terms of designs, this accessory from Fitbit looks very fashionable and I love the silver colouring of the metal and the product feels quite sturdy, although very light in its weight. Given that, it does look like a high-end fashion accessory.

Final Thoughts?

The Fitbit Flex 2: Metal Accessory Bangle transforms your smart activity tracker into a fashion statement that can be worn in a variety of different occasions like going to the theatre, clubbing or even a wedding. Installation is easy, the product is well-made and for the untrained eye, it just looks like another piece of  jewellery. It’s also great that Fitbit continue to evolve their products and I’m sure we’ll be seeing more accessories available in the near future.

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