Published on September 11th, 2017 | by Daniel

Final Fantasy Dissidia NT Beta Review … our first impressions

Final Fantasy Dissidia has a new title, NT and I got to test out the beta build the previous weekend. Right from the bat you can see the quality that’s gone into this new installment. Having been designed for both the PS4 and the Vita has only increased the potential for the quality and where Square Enix is best, Square Enix has done it again. The cinematic in the beta’s opening is great, crisp and clean and with the level of detail we saw in Final Fantasy XV.

The beta is nice and simple, giving you a tutorial to learn the new controls now that it also features on PS4 and for new players who aren’t familiar with Dissidia, the controls are mostly the same so those who are won’t feel the need to run through it again. The game basically boils down to two modes, PVP and CPU, both modes are identical the only difference is of course whether your opponents are real people online or against the CPU. The game plays out differently in the beta to how previous Dissidia games have played in the past, you pick your character as normal and all heroes from fourteen of the previous titles are available (Excluding Noctis of FFXV) and you go into battle as a 3v3 team. The battle is lost or won when yours or your opponent teams life bar is extinguished, this is done by defeating opposing players, one kill on each player is enough to win, or defeat the same player/CPU up to three times if the others are too difficult to beat.

Being a beta there naturally some kinks to work out and many features will no doubt be added into the game upon release. The biggest issue I found myself facing firstly was lag, the matchmaking system only searches for preferred players by rank, not by locale so if there are local players that are higher rank, you’ll likely not find them until you raise your own rank and if there are no locale players at all, you’re in for a tough fight as not only you face higher ranked players, you’ll also be dealing with lag, quite a lot of it too. I couldn’t advance a single rank because even when I did get good connections, the players were much higher rank and easily defeated me. I found myself going back to the CPU matches simply because PVP was just not worth trying. I should hope the matchmaking system is fixed upon release. I got to test out a lot of the characters and they play very much like the previous games albeit with new abilities, in the beta characters were given two sets of skills that were either offensive or supportive in nature with alternate costumes, summons work a little differently now and I ain’t even mad, instead of triggering under certain conditions they are now an automatic trigger and work for the entire team rather that the sole individual. Whether this will happen in the full game for all modes or just the 3v3 mode is anyone’s guess but it’s an interesting take at least.

All in all the beta was good, short and sweet. All that we needed to get a feel for the game without spoiling to much about the final build at release. A lot to work on to be sure but what was there was  definitely good, I can’t wait to see the full release.


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