Published on September 15th, 2023 | by Natalie Salvo

Climate Changers Film Review

‘Climate Changers’ is essential documentary viewing. As our planet is engulfed in smoke and flood waters, there is no denying that we are in the midst of a climate emergency. This film follows several interviewees who are pushing for a lot more conversation and action on this fundamental issue.

Mark Forstmann “Bulls and Bears” serves as producer and writer, and Johan Gabrielsson directs this handsome film. Its main subject is Australian scientist and conservationist, Tim Flannery, who speaks so eloquently in his natural habitat on the Hawkesbury River of NSW. While the shots are positively gorgeous, they do serve to remind us about changes that are already occurring in our environment, including the eerie silence that is synonymous with the destruction of many species.

The crew follow Flannery as he encounters backlash and personal attacks from deniers and certain factions of the media who stooped so low as to dub him “Mr. Carbon Tax.” There are chapters about Cop15 in Copenhagen and Cop26 in Glasgow. The leader of the former conference is interviewed here alongside other political leaders like our former Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull. Former US vice president, Al Gore also gets a cameo.

Other interviewees in this motley crew include no less than a chief of tribe, a hippie-like engineer, and a hydrogen energy champion who was a former polluter. The chorus of voices is strong and important. We need to see better leadership in this arena if there is going to be real change. This film serves as an excellent companion piece to this.

“Climate Changers” is a film with a good message emphasising the importance of action and inspiring leadership. The filmmakers provide an interesting look at Flannery and his peers, as well as their motivations in wanting to save the planet. It also considers what is holding us back and those drivers to the inaction in implementing change. Ultimately, this film is one we all need to watch and consider to ensure that climate policy does not continue to be weaponised and standing in the shadows of a coal cloud.

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