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Natalie Salvo Natalie is a Sydney-based writer and lover of all things music, food, photography comedy, art, theatre. You can find her digging in crates at good record stores.

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The Old Oak Film Review

November 29th, 2023 | by Natalie Salvo

A Syrian woman and an Englishman walk into a bar. Ken Loach’s final film may sound like the premise to ...

Climate Changers Film Review

September 15th, 2023 | by Natalie Salvo

‘Climate Changers’ is essential documentary viewing. As our planet is engulfed in smoke and flood waters, there is no denying ...

Sugar and Stars Film Review

July 20th, 2023 | by Natalie Salvo

‘Sugar and Stars’ is a charming little French film. It is a biopic describing the rags-to-riches tale of renowned pastry ...

Driving Madeline Film Review

June 19th, 2023 | by Natalie Salvo

“Driving Madeline” is a film that does what it says on the tin. It is a French movie that sees ...

Millie Lies Low Film Review

November 17th, 2022 | by Natalie Salvo

“Millie Lies Low” is a film with many contradictions. It is like a slapstick comedy caper but with a sharp ...

Everything in Between Film Review

October 24th, 2022 | by Natalie Salvo

“Everything in Between” is a modern Australian drama. The story is about one family’s dysfunction and specifically what transpires between ...

Under Cover Film Review

October 2nd, 2022 | by Natalie Salvo

It is a sad indictment on Australian society that our country can be both wealthy and still have so many ...

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