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Chimparty PS4 Review

Chimparty PS4 Review Tory Favro

Summary: A friendly little button masher that the whole family can enjoy


Adding to the stable of PlayLink titles comes the new game called Chimparty. At first glance this appeared to be just another silly tie in kind of game but I’m really pleased to say that it is not the case. This is such a sweet little game at a budget price so it’s really hard to overlook even as a Xmas stocking stuffer.

Chimparty is so much fun and that is in part because of its simplicity. In case you have never played a PlayLink title before, you connect your phone/s to the Playstation and use that as the controller. There are a number of titles already that you play in this manner and they are all a lot of fun.

In the case of Chimparty, you are literally playing as one of four small chimps that you control from the one simple push of a button. You can take a selfie that is used on your chimp and then choose if you are playing single or multiplayer. It is really easy to connect your device to the PlayStation and within moments you can have four people happily playing along with you.

There are a whole range of games to play that are actually lots of fun to play. A small gripe that I found was that the explanations on how to actually play are pretty poor to non existent. You do figure out how to play them but it would be quicker with better instructions. Once they are worked out they are all strangely addictive.

Final Thoughts?

For button mashing and smashing fun, Chimparty is sure to please and even better yet nice and cheap to buy. Both kids and adults are going to be super pleased at just how much they will enjoy this series of mini games. Give it a shot for yourself. A short and sweet review for a great little game. Worth the purchase.

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