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Published on October 4th, 2020 | by Tim Chuma

Avenger Dogs (2019) DVD Review

Avenger Dogs (2019) DVD Review Tim Chuma

Summary: Give this to someone you don't like so their kids watch it over and over.


Poor puppy!

Following on from the events of Star Paws, uhhh…does it really matter? This movie barely has a story to care about and is made by people who seemingly could not care enough to put reflections in the dogs’ eyes to stop them looking like soul-eating demons.

I have seen better animation from teenagers and more passion in the story from people making funny videos on Youtube from gaming footage. The computer animation is sub video game cutscene quality. You will groan seeing the same scenes over and over and they look like stock graphics from the animation program.

The character designs are appalling. The “cat” character doesn’t even look like one, more like some sort of mangled gremlin.

The people who made this are so lazy they can’t even bothered to animate parts of it so characters just disappear from one scene via some plot device they explain for about a minute. They can’t even be bothered to rescue their friend even though they promised they would.

I can’t really recommend this to anyone except to someone you don’t like so their kids watch it over and over to annoy them.

Umbrella Entertainment would sell more titles if they didn’t buy up rubbish like this so they wouldn’t have to have half their stock on “sale”.


Those responsible:

Director: Jason Wright

Writer: BC Fourteen

Featuring the voices of: Joachim Cruise, Luka Pilar, Sam Pitt, Dave Soltura, Thomas Freeley

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