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Sydney, Australia – November 14, 2017: After selling out in just a few weeks, tickets to Zedtown: Last Haven are back on sale today at 10:00am.

The latest installment of Zedtown on Saturday 9 December has seen an overwhelming response with tickets to both games selling out rapidly. To accommodate the growing popularity of Zedtown, the creators of this world-first game have been permitted to increase venue capacity, allowing them to release a round of additional tickets to Zedtown: Last Haven.

Managing Director, Andrew Garrick said: “Z’OMG this is going to be the best undead experience to hit Sydney and maybe the biggest gathering of Zombie NERF-based warfare in history! If you missed out last time, don’t make the same mistake. There are only limited tickets available, so get on it.”
Zedtown: Last Haven is an immersive gaming experience, which will see thousands of players battling it out as they live out the fantasy of being the last living people on Earth. The story continues from Zedtown: State of Emergency, with even more engaging missions, epic storylines and unique journeys to save the world. Thanks to the SCG Trust, Allianz Stadium and the amazing fans of this epic Nerf War, this will be the biggest Zedtown ever.

This is the 9th time Zedtown will be held in Sydney since its commencement in 2012, but is the first time such a significant event will be held in one of Australia’s most incredible venues. The tunnels, grandstands and concourses that have been home to so many of Australia’s most iconic sports women and men will be filled with a new generation of players. However, this time they will be striving to escape a zombie horde and avoid joining the legion of the living dead.

The innovation and planning that goes into hosting many thousands of players in a fully immersive, engaging experience makes this one of the most advanced events ever seen in Australia, and it continues to grow with each instalment. Each player is provided with dog tags, access to a call-in radio station which provides the cool soundtrack to the event, and even a professional zombie make-up team for the unfortunate Survivors who are caught and ‘turned’. All this, while players use the Zedtown smartphone app to guide and track their progress in real-time as game directors send out missions and updates from start to finish.

Zedtown has seen thousands of humans turned into zombies since 2012. Mid-2017, saw over 2000 people battle to survive the walking dead at Sydney Showgrounds Homebush.

With two games on Saturday 9 December, one during the day and the other at night, players will have the unique opportunity to battle it out against other Survivors and ‘zombie-fied’ players in each three-hour session.

Bringing their own Nerf blaster, or purchasing one on the day, each participant will be guided and inspired by Zedtown actors, marshals and thousands of fellow players to try and escape the touch of the dead. Both the day game and the night game will offer thrilling experiences that won’t be easily forgotten.

Tickets to both the 2:00pm and 7:00pm games are back on sale at from 10:00am today.
Zedtown players must be 18 years or older to participate in the event. For more information about Zedtown please visit

The story of Zedtown: Last Haven is a brand new one. 19 years have passed since a State Of Emergency was declared. In a despairing post-apocalyptic world where the undead roam, rumours of a Last Haven have spread like wildfire. On a distant island paradise, the world’s most powerful and privileged live in splendour, free from infection and the merciless zombie horde. Their enigmatic leader, Magnus, has invited all remaining survivors to participate in the first inaugural Blood Games. Survivors will battle it out against each other (and the undead) across two colossal stadiums, for their chance to join Magnus in his fabled island city. Is this our last hope? Is this the Last Haven? Will you join them?

Zedtown is the largest real-world zombie Nerf War in the world. Born from the brains of avid gamers and creators, Zedtown is passionate about bringing incredible adventures to life in unique and enthralling ways. Zedtown has thrilled thousands of players from all walks of life across incredible venues in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

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