Published on May 25th, 2023 | by Adrian Gunning

Your legacy awaits in Dynasty of the Sands, the debut title from PlaySide Publishing and Rocket Flair Studios

PlaySide Studios today announces Rocket Flair Studios’ Dynasty of the Sands is the first title to be signed to its publishing division, PlaySide Publishing.

Dynasty of the Sands is an Ancient Egypt-inspired creative/survival city builder hybrid set in a stunning open world. Set to launch on Steam in Early Access in 2024, Dynasty of the Sands is Northern Ireland-based Rocket Flair Studios‘ follow up to its successful Early Access title, Surviving the Abyss, and seeks to merge simulation with relaxation in a unique open world – where the Gods are as real as they were to the Ancients.

Players will need to contend with seasons, a day/night cycle, weather, wildlife, and disease – right down to the individual desires, hopes and dreams of each villager. These systems and the environment challenge the player as they develop a city to sustain a growing population while balancing the favour of the Gods.

Will you create a paradise for your people? Will you placate the Gods or become one? Or will the desert itself claim you?

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