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Yet Another Zombie Defence Game Nintendo Switch Review

Yet Another Zombie Defence Game Nintendo Switch Review Tory Favro

Summary: A groovy endless shooter that will have you rethinking your own zombie apocalypse


A top down tactical shooter, Yet Another Zombie Defence Game is a load of fun with it’s brand of strategy and over the top action. Wave after wave of the undead will pour themselves against you until you finally succumb but the question is….. how long will you last?

Some would argue that the sameness of the gameplay makes for a boring time, but in this instance I would not agree. This is a strategy game which I think a lot of people tend to forget, so the idea is to make your own game better to last longer. I would suggest that it in a way could equate to Zombies mode in Call of Duty. Those levels don’t change but what you do certainly will, and this is the same here. Build better defences, use weapons to better and more fun effect and you have something that truly has its own replay value.

Graphically the title does look pretty simple. Choose your cookie cutter character and get to work. This is the key to the game; don’t waste time, get your act together because come nightfall you are going to want to be as ready as you can for the undead who come to visit. There are three game modes which add to the value of the game and should appeal to most gamers. There is Defence, Endless and Deathmatch. The last is the most frantic as not only will you take on the zombies but you better watch your back as the humans are after you too!

As you progress through, your stats will ramp up allowing you to build better things, use weapons more effectively and also regenerate health more quickly.  Trust me you will need all the perks you can get as you race to build and also collect cash from kills and on the field. The dead will also give up buildings and other materials that you can use to barricade yourself in with. Making sure you have the range to pickup what is put down is key to survival as everything you make is eventually broken down as you are attacked.

Getting better weapons and materials takes place between waves. There are no limits to how long you take so try and work out what was best last time and improve. When you are ready you can bring in the next wave. I liked this as it truly let you assess what you got right and bring in the walkers when you think all is good. Make sure it is though as those suckers get harder and harder to beat!

As this is an endless type title, the value for this game cannot be beaten. It is going to be more a case of how long you the gamer want to play as opposed to a storyline finishing. Audio is also good with immersion being a key factor as you gun your way to oblivion.

This is a good time killing game. The option of four players allows for different tactics and gaming styles to be used. Working with a team is a whole new dynamic and a learning experience when you see how other gamers confront the hordes. It adds a really cool dimension to what is already a fun experience.

Final Thoughts?

I’d give this the thumbs up. It is not expensive and is guaranteed to be a fun get in get out game. If you do want next gen graphics etc, this may not be the title for you, but from a strategy perspective it offers a fun challenge that gets you thinking. Let us know what you think!

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