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Today, Ubisoft announced the much-anticipated launch of Season 1 for XDefiant, the new free-to-play, fast-paced arcade shooter developed by Ubisoft San Francisco* featuring factions inspired from some of Ubisoft’s beloved franchises. Players can download XDefiant from their PC via Ubisoft Connect, PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S. To download XDefiant, go to .

Season 1 content includes:

  • 1 new faction – GS Kommando (Inspired by R6)
  • 3 new maps

o   Clubhouse (Inspired by Rainbow Six, Available today)

o   Daytona (Inspired by The Crew 2, Coming in-season)

o   Rockefeller (Inspired by The Division, Coming in-season)

  • 3 free Battle Pass weapons

o   LVOA-C Assault Rifle

o   L115 Sniper Rifle

o   Sawed-off Shotgun (secondary)

  • 2 new arena modes

o   Capture the Flag (available today)

o   Bomb (Coming in-season)

  • Ranked Play

A New Faction Has Entered The Arena: Inspired by R6, GS Kommando has come to XDefiant. This elite strike force comes with its signature abilities: The Shock Wire to build a high-voltage perimeter around their objectives, and the Active Defense System (ADS) to shoot down incoming enemy explosives. For its Ultra, GS Kommando has the Flash Shield, an LED-studded shield that doubles as a mobile cover. For its Passive Trait, this faction is equipped with a Hardhat to reduce the lethality of enemy-delivered head shots.

Two New Modes: Two additional arena modes are coming to Season 1, starting with Capture the Flag (CTF), a run-and-gun fast-paced race to grab the flag and bring it back without letting the enemy get theirs first, which is available starting today. Later this season, Bomb mode will be included, requiring players to bring a more strategic mindset as they take turns defending and defusing a detonator.

Ranked Play: Ranked play is a 4v4 playlist that will support the Occupy, Domination, Zone Control and Escort game modes. There will be a total of seven ranks for players to climb: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond and Legends. Outside of Legends, each rank will have 10 levels for players to progress in order to reach the next rank. Exclusive rewards will also be available in Ranked play.

A New Program to Support Content Creators: Beginning Season 1, players can now support a content creator of their choosing. The XDefiant Creator Code Initiative allows players to grant a creator with a commission for when they make in-game purchases.

To participate, players select the “Support a Creator” button in the in-game store and scroll to choose a creator to support. The selected creator will be linked to the player’s account for the next 14 days or whenever it’s changed. Any time a player buys an item from the store with XCoins, the selected creator will receive a commission from that purchase. The program doesn’t require any additional obligation from players, as it allows them to help their favorite creators do what they do best.

For more information about XDefiant Creator Codes, or for creators that would like to be considered for the program, visit

For more information on XDefiant or to receive updates on future, please visit

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